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I always loved survival training, you can never get enough of that! I would LOVE to see a photo by photo break down of each station and demo site of what their showing and doing there......great stuff!!
Hi guys. Thanks for the great posts. Keep it like that. Looking forward to more stuff.

Here is an interesting story behind the famous image someone already posts here quite ago.

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And here is a short translation of the video for those that don't understand the Serbian language.

After being withdrawn from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, Sasa Sajkic and his group were ordered to prepare for the action again, they thought they were returning to Kosovo. If there weren't enough journalists and photo reporters that day, no one would know where and what they were doing.
Sajkic says that the photo in which he is was taken on June 20, 1999, the last day of the war. "In some negotiations where we were in the role of securing our officers, I was at the place where journalists were allowed to approach," says Sajkic. Face to face, the first class sergeant of the elite 72nd Special Brigade and British Sergeant Gaz Robinson from the "Desert Rats" unit, stood facing each other for a full ten hours.
"Besides me, there were about twenty other British soldiers, mostly some children aged 18 or 20, all burned by the sun and all of them were terribly terrified," Sajkic remembers. It was especially strange to them, as he added, that we showed up, they were very unpleasantly surprised, but we made contact very quickly.
The photo is impressive, not only because of the difference in the appearance of the two special forces, but also because of the story that followed.
I took the bullet out of the barrel and gave it to the British sergeant as a keepsake Sajkic points out that he kept the bullet in the barrel all day, ready for everything, as well as on every occasion.
"When we were parting, I took that bullet out of the barrel and gave it to that British sergeant. He said to me: thank you very much, for the memory.
I replied that the bullet had been his all day, and that I had better give it to you like this. , to part properly ", states Sajkic.
A few angles of the unusual-looking modernised version of the Serbian BVP M-80, designated the M-80AB1. Includes more armour and new M-91E-I turret with an M86 30 mm main gun (vs HS.804 20 mm in baseline) and 2T5/2T/2F Malyutka missiles (vs Sagger in old vehicle)
Serbian special forces are deployed on the Kosovo border. Kosovo police also increased checkpoints at the border.

The Serbian defense minister visited Serbian soldiers in New Pazar, near the Serbian-Kosovo border.


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Micronesia says hello.

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