Photos Photos of the US Army in the ETO

GI of the 58th AIB 8th AD in Cadier en Keer Holland. Feb.1945

Three US infantrymen advance at a crouching run using a Bocage hedgerow and embankment as cover. This picture shows to advantage the close nature of fighting in Normandy bocage country where the Germans became adept at digging into these hedgerows turning each field into a potential ambush. June or July 1944. (Colorized by Doug Banks)

WOW...I cannot imagine it, being wounded and getting to be evacuated to a rear area hospital, hurting no doubt, and being forced to ride out on one of those damn widow making gliders like that---good god!!! You'll either get it going out or when your coming back in for the landing at the other end, I would have been yelling my bloody head off for the alternative method!!! God bless'em all, the yanks call it the greatest generation! notworthy;
Sainte-Mère-Église Normandy France - June 7, 1944. These pictures are from the day after the initial June 6, 1944 D-Day landings

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