Photos Photos of the US Army in the ETO

83rd Infantry Division whit M1917 Machine Gun,Bovigny,Belgium,The Battle of the Bulge 1944..jpg
These should be engineers of the 94th Divisionen the Modelle river. My best guess would be that the GIs are working on the Luxembourg side and the houses are in Germany. Picture should have been taken end of February, beginning of March 1945

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1- 3rd Army Patch visible / 2-Large River ahead with Ice Block mean 1 period (January-February 1945) wich definitely push you to the Rhine River
3- Engineer wearing (General 3-A Patch) can anly be a part of an Engineer Corps Group or Engineer Group (Army)
These pics are from the same unit, but from a different source.

I got them from an old lady, she is pictured in the first photograph, whose family had some GIs of the 351st Engineer General Service Regiment billeted in their house. After the war they kept in touch and both families were visiting each other on both sides of the big pond. A typical example of lifelong friendships in-between Luxembourg civilians and GIs

Scans Photos Madame Rodesch 13 R.jpeg
Scans Photos Madame Rodesch 8 R.jpeg
Scans Photos Madame Rodesch 6 R.jpeg
Scans Photos Madame Rodesch 3.jpeg
351st Eng. G.S. R. I.jpeg
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They are wonderful! Yet another very personal view of some of the countless experiences our troops had in that time. The photos those guys took, so many are in old family collections (boxes in the desk in the study) somewhere. Thanks for sharing.

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