Photos Navies Of All Nations

Imperial RussiaL
Explosion onboard battleship Petropavlovsk. Along with the ship, the most competent admiral of the time, Admiral Makarov, died. April 13, 1904.
Project 1155 Fregat (NATO Udaloy) class destroyers docked in Vladivostok

Project 1155 Fregat (NATO Udaloy 1) class destroyer Admiral Panteleyev transits the pacific along with amphibious assault ship USS Essex and other ships during RIMPAC 2012
Battle of the Coral Sea. A destroyer is alongside aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV-2) as she is abandoned during the afternoon of 8 May 1942. Note the crewmen sliding down lines on Lexington's starboard quarter.

Fletcher-class destroyer USS Halsey Powell (DD-686) struck by a kamikaze that missed USS Hancock (CV-19), March 20th, 1945, off Okinawa. struck by a kamikaze that (just) missed USS Hancock (CV-19), March 20th, 1945, off Okinawa.

Halsey Powell suffered 9 killed and 30 wounded in the attack. She was able to make Ulithi Atoll under her own power and later back to the US. Repaired in San Pedro she arrived back in theatre two days after Japan's surrender, though she was present in Tokyo Bay for the surrender ceremony.
Imperial Japan:
Battle of the Coral Sea, aircraft carrier Shoukaku is hit by American bombs
USS New Jersey anchored in Hong Kong early 1950s
Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) transits the Atlantic Ocean April 25, 2022.

Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) conducts a replenishment-at-sea with the Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo and ammunition ship USNS Robert E. Peary (T-AKE 5) April 25, 2022.

Whidbey Island-class amphibious dock landing ship USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44) transits the Atlantic Ocean during a replenishment-at-sea with the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) April 25, 2022.
USS Mobile arrives in New York, 1919 with soldiers, most from the 130th Field Artillery
ROCS Yushan (LPD 1401) fitting out alongside the CSBC shipyard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ahead of her expected handover to the ROCN next month
View of the forward 15.2 cm (6.0 in)/57 calibre B-38 triple gun turrets aboard the Sverdlov-class cruiser Aleksander Suvurov during a naval exercise in the Philippine Sea, April 1970
Type-022 Missile Boats (NATO Houbei class) , each carrying eight YJ-83 anti-ship missiles

Decommissioned Type 053H guided missile frigate Zhenjiang after being used as anti-ship cruise missile practice target - 2013.
King George V class battleship HMS Anson, 4 August 1942

Revenge-class battleship HMS Ramillies in 1942, likely in the Indian Ocean
Gnevny class destroyer Grozny of the Northern Fleet, WW2
PCU USS Frank E. Petersen Jr. (DDG-121) at NAVSTA Norfolk, due to be commissioned 14th May, 2022

View from the Bridge of the USNS Joshua Humphreys (T-AO 188)
USS Mississippi (CGN-40), a Virginia-class nuclear fuel powered guided-missile cruiser. Decommissioned 28 July 1997

Thresher/Permit class submarine USS Permit (SSN-594) with DSRV model illuminated by set lights during filming the drydock scene of 'The Hunt for the Red October'. Scene was filmed in ARDM-5 class Arco (ARDM-5) medium auxiliary floating drydock. 6th April 1990
Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, October 1942. Mahan-class destroyer USS Smith (DD-378) is hit by a crashing Japanese torpedo plane, during an attack on USS Enterprise (CV-6)


Refueling from USS South Dakota (BB-57) on 28 October 1942. Her two forward 5"/38 guns and much of her forward superstructure are burned out and otherwise damaged

On 26 October,1942 scout planes from Enterprise located the Japanese force. At 0944, the first Japanese planes were sighted and Hornet was hit by bombs 30 minutes later. At 1125, Smith was attacked by a formation of 20 torpedo planes. Twenty minutes later, a Japanese torpedo plane crashed into her forecastle, causing a heavy explosion.

The forward part of the ship was enveloped in a sheet of smoke and flame from bursting gasoline tanks and the bridge had to be abandoned. The entire forward deckhouse was aflame, making topside forward of number one stack untenable. Smith's gunners downed six of the planes. By early afternoon, the crew had extinguished all of the fires forward—largely assisted by the decision of her Commanding Officer, Lt.Cdr. Hunter Wood to steer the burning ship into the (foam and spray of the) wake of South Dakota. With 57 killed or missing, 12 wounded, her magazines flooded, and temporary loss of steering control from the pilothouse, Smith retained her position in the screen with all serviceable guns firing. Action was broken off in the evening, and Smith headed to Noumea for temporary repairs. She was patched up and underway for Pearl Harbor on 5 November. At Pearl Harbor, she underwent a yard overhaul and sea trials that lasted into February 1943. USS Smith was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for continuing to fight despite crippling damage to the ship.
Type 23 frigate HMS Somerset and aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales alongside HMNB Portsmouth
Type 82 class destroyer HMS Bristol firing a Sea Dart missile, 1980's

Type 42 destroyer HMS Cardiff
Gofri-class naval missile range ship (NATO Bambuk) Kamchatka (SSN-391) underway, Jan 1988

Project 1134A Berkut A (NATO Kresta II) class guided missile cruiser Admiral Oktyabrsky underway, September 1990
Reefer ship Asmara passing through the Canale Navigabile, Taranto, 1930s. During World War II, she served for a time as a "floating refrigerator" for the garrison of the Aegean island of Leros, and also served on occasion as an accommodation ship for the men of the Xa Flottiglia MAS, during the lead-up to the raid on Souda Bay and that of Alexandria.
She sank on 11 August 1943, a day after being torpedoed by HMS Unshaken; of the 157-strong crew, two died and twelve were wounded.

A reefer ship is a refrigerated cargo ship typically used to transport perishable cargo, which require temperature-controlled handling, such as fruits, meat, vegetables, dairy products, and similar items.
Russia & PLA(N):
Project 1164 Atlant (NATO Slava) class cruiser Varyag (R), Type 052C destroyer (NATO Luyang II-class) Lanzhou (170), Type 052B destroyer (NATO Luyang I-class) Wuhan (169) and Type 051C destroyers (NATO Luzhou class) Shenyang (115) & Shijiazhuang (116) in Vladivostok for a July 2013 naval exercise