Marine Boot Camp



Does anyone know what marine boot camp will be like?
Well, I was never a marine but from my owm military training and what I have seen.......FREAKIN TOUGH BUDDY!!!!! hel;
It is certainly a toughie - I had a mate or two try (1 passed) and he had a major lifestyle change! The whole thing strikes me as lunacy but I was a siggie so what do I know!
Shadow, I'm sorry but I guess I missed your introduction. Welcome to the site. Are you asking about USMC boot camp or the UK Marines?
Shadow, I have a friend whose son just came out of the Marines after his tour of duty. This is what he told me. Imagine one solid week in a foxhole in freezing rain with no poncho, shelter or fire, cold rations, a week on the slopes of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Do you get the idea? The foxhole was during Boot Camp at Parris Island in January. :shock: :shock:

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