Mil News Kim Jung Un reported brain dead after surgery.

No real new news about the whole thing.

In his daily presser Trump got questioned about and said he had no knowledge of anything suggesting KJU was in any kind of critical state.

As far as I can tell, the story originated from Daily NK, reporting that Kim was recovering from heart surgery undergone April 12. That is just a few days before he failed to appear at an annual event commemorating the 108th birthday of Kim Il Sung. Considering his physical shape and the kind of surgery he undergone, him not appearing at these celebrations is not that crazy.
The story cited multiple unnamed sources, though it was later corrected to clarify that the information had come from just one individual.
Nevertheless CNN later followed Daily NK with a report, citing an "unnamed U.S. officials", suggesting Kim may be in "grave danger" after the procedure.

And then it went full on snow ball effect.
CNN being CNN in other words ;)
Still no evidence that Kim is up and around. He may not be dead or even brain dead, but something is up.
That being said, if she becomes Supreme Leader, weebs are going to have a field day.

*yes, the toast has been photoshoped*

Personally, I hope Kim Jong Un has a terminal case of gravy veins.

His sister is pretty cute and fit, and I’ve always had a thing for ruthlessly ambitious Asians women.

i can’t wait for her to be added to the list of iconic feminist leaders who have decisively destroyed CV-19 in their countries, alongside their national economies.

I wonder how much of this rapidly amplified “Where’s Fat Asian Waldo” story is media reconnaissance by fire?

Maybe we have a hole in intelligence coverage of him that lasted long enough to feel necessary to smoke Call Sign Gravy Veins out in the media.
Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'IF I DIE, I WANT HILLARY TO GET ALL MY PANTSUITS.'
Hum... "according to three people familiar with the situation."

Thing is we don't know who they are (obviously) or who they work for.

The whole "Kim is brain dead" thing is mostly based on conjunctions made by "unnamed sources". In other words: somebody we don't know and can't check said things about stuff that can't be verified.
I saw that being reported by TMZ.

North Korea's Supreme Leader/dictator Kim Jong-un has reportedly died, or is on his death bed with no hope for recuperation -- according to media outlets in China and Japan.

Amid reports China has sent a medical team to their communist neighbors this week to check in/advise on Kim, a Hong Kong-backed news channel's vice director -- who's apparently the niece of a Chinese foreign minister -- blasted out the news herself ... he's dead. TMZ has not confirmed that.

The woman put the report on a social media app called Weibo for her nearly 15 million followers to read, citing a "very solid source" about the claim Kim had, in fact, perished. A Japanese magazine reports he's in a "vegetative state" after a heart surgery gone wrong.

The outlet reports -- citing a Chinese medical expert privy to the situation -- that Kim had clutched his chest in early April and fell down while visiting the countryside there. He needed a stent procedure done, but apparently ... it either wasn't done rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon -- with some reports saying he had shaky hands.

There's a lot of rumors swirling about the guy's condition -- and the fact is ... he hasn't made any major public appearances looking to be okay in several weeks now. About a week or so ago, CNN reported Kim was in "grave danger" after a medical procedure.

President Trump has downplayed the reports and has refused to elaborate -- but it looks like KJU's sister, Kim Yo-jong, might be getting set up to possibly replace him as Supreme Leader ... reports say she was recently re-promoted to a prominent position of power there.

So, basically, lots of rumors, nothing confirmed, but Trump downplayed it and refused to elaborate: therefore it is likely to be true.
That being said, if she becomes Supreme Leader, weebs are going to have a field day.

*yes, the toast has been photoshoped*
‘How can my Korean Dictator Waifu possibly be this cute?’

But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a hand in her brother’s (alleged) death. That family is cursed with regicide.