Intro Hello from France.

I like how he introduced himself by stating he was almost 18 year old.

In my younger years, I was also 17 “and a half”. I feel more like white lie about my age now.

Seems like a good contributor to our site so far anyway. ?
I was very lucky today, as I was in Dijon for exams all day and at noon I went to eat my picnic at the former BA-102, Dijon - Longvic airport. As I arrived, I spotted a CASA CN-235 with exotic markings. It was a Senegalese aircraft ! 🇸🇳
The CN-235MPA "6W-TTD", c/n N069. It left a few minutes after I arrived, but I was able to photograph it.
I'll post some photos soon.
There is also a Mystère IVA (290) and a Mirage IIIE at the base, but I wasn't able to photograph them as they were on military premises.
Apache Aviation is based there, with its L-39s from the former Breitling patrol and TB-30 Epsilons.
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This aircraft, the 6W-TTD, came from Seville, from where it was scheduled to leave for Dijon on the first of June, but the flight was cancelled. The next day, it left Seville for Dijon and landed there at 2.55pm. At 4pm it left again for Warsaw, but around Nuremberg it was diverted back to Dijon. It stayed there just until today, and left again at 11.17am for Warsaw, where it landed at 2.19pm.

By 15 May, he was already in Seville.

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