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May 19, 2024
Hello all

My name is Olivia Jackson I like to know about the military and what life is like and how they solve problems and what problems they overcome in training time.
Welcome Olivia, I guess it depends on what country's military you might be asking about. There are huge differences with the military for each. I can say there have been major changes since I was in the service for the US. All the old barracks I lived in were either from WWII left over, to new 3 tier barracks at Fort Campbell Ky USA. Those old barracks were so dried out they determined that one would burn down in 2 minutes ;0). All were finally replaced in the early 80s. Those 3 tier barracks at Fort Campbell were relatively new when I was there in early 66, but even those have all been razed and new modern quarters much like you would find at a major college campus. The thinking was to make life better and we might get some volunteers, which has proven to be not the case. You still have to contend with the fact you are always on call and or duty and have your day already planned for you regardless what field you happen to be in. You are never truly free as you were in civilian life. It has it's ups and downs and some people adjust well and others hate it. You will always find someone that is less than friendly but you learn to cope with it. In the end serve your country for the period they require and give it a try, no one will know if you will like it but I hope you do. It makes a great retirement for those that stayed and enjoyed it. I had only 5 years but truly enjoyed it but things started to take major changes in 1970 and I chose to leave and don't regret it. The military has one goal and that is to protect your country and citizens and as far as problems they have never been a personal problem solver. :D

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