Indian Army PARA (SF)
Turkish MKEK T-40

Soldiers from Ukraine's 5th Regiment of Assault Infantry react after firing a U.S.-made MK-19 automatic grenade launcher towards Russian positions less than 800 meters away at a front line near Toretsk in the Donetsk region on October 12, 2022.
1968- 1969
Phu Bai Base, South Vietnam

SSG Lynne Black and SSG John Meyer of RT Idaho test fire weapons prior to mission.

Meyer fires a cut-down M-79 grenade launcher and Black holds XM-177E2 'Commando' w/XM-148 40mm grenade launcher.

*The XM-177E1 & XM-177E2 were called CAR-15 by troops of that era, due to the first issued TM's (Training Manuals) that came with the weapon labeled, Submachine Gun, CAR-15.

Recon Team Idaho
all but one, with AK-47, hold CAR-15 (XM-177E2) and one with XM-148 attached.
RT Idaho.jpg

Reconnaissance Teams were comprised of three American's (Special Forces) and six-ten indigenous Nungs (Chinese ethnicity) tribesmen.
These teams operated inside Cambodia & Laos conducting various missions against the North Vietnamese Army in and around the Ho Chi Minh Trail.