grenade launcher

  1. Unknowncommando

    Photos Grenade Launchers

    Thread dedicated to grenade launchers of all types including Automatic Grenade Launcher, Multi Grenade Launcher, Single Shot Grenade Launcher & Under Barrel Grenade Launcher.
  2. Syrian civil war weapons

    Syrian civil war weapons

    Slingshot style grenade launcher
  3. Invasion of China

    Invasion of China

    Type 89 grenade launcher team
  4. The Hood

    Photos Grenades of all types

    Found some interesting photos of grenades on the Imperial War Museum website so thought I would share them here (they even provide the code for posting on forums) :D SHELL OF MILL'S GRENADE AND DIAGRAM OF MILL'S HAND GRENADE, NO. 5, MK. 2 (SECTIONAL). © IWM (Q 65497) IWM Non Commercial...
  5. soldiers


  6. Heckler and Koch HK69A1

    Heckler and Koch HK69A1

    Grenade Launcher
  7. grenade launchers

    grenade launchers

    A colour photograph of a French Cougar Grenade launcher
  8. grenade launchers

    grenade launchers

  9. 40 KRKK 2005

    40 KRKK 2005

    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - 40 KRKK 2005 grenade launcher (H&K).
  10. 40 KRKK 2005 ammo

    40 KRKK 2005 ammo

    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - 40 KRKK 2005 (grenade launcher) ammo.