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Tech Data Challenger Main Battle Tank

Discussion in 'Military Tech Data' started by Bombardier, May 22, 2015.

  1. Bombardier

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    Combat Weight = 62,500 kgs
    Crew Size = 4
    Length (hull) = 8.327m
    Length (gun forward) = 11.55m
    Width (over skirts) = 3.52m
    Height (to turret roof) = 2.49m
    Ground Clearance = 0.5m
    Max Road Range = 450km
    Engine = Rolls-Royce Perkins Condor CV12 1200bhp
    with new engine management system
    Gearbox = David Brown TN54 epicyclic, 6 fwd 2 rev
    Suspension = Hydrogas variable spring rate
    Track = Blair Catton hydraulically adjusted double pin
    Speed = 59 kph (road);
    40 kph (mean cross country)
    Main Armament = Royal Ordnance 120mm L30 gun
    Ammunition = CHARM 1 and 3, HESH and Smoke
    Ammunition Carried = Typically 50 rounds - APFSDS, HESH, Smoke
    Secondary Armament = Hughes 7.62mm coaxially mounted chain gun and
    7.62mm loaders GPMG Turret Mounted for Air Defence
    Ammunition Carried = 4000 rounds 7.62mm
    Armour = DORCHESTER
    Smoke Dischargers = Exhaust smoke injection and two sets of five L8 grenade dischargers
    Commander = Gyrostabilised fully panoramic site with laser range finder and thermal imager
    Gunner = Gyrostabilised primary site with laser range finder and thermal imager, and coaxially mounted auxiliary sight
    Driver = Day and night periscopes
    Loader = Day periscope
    Total procurement cost = 2.2 billion
    Schedule = Production Began 1990
    Training Readiness Date achieved September 1997
    Production Reliability Growth Trials completed November 1997
    Batch Test 1 achieved November 1997
    Batch Test 2 achieved March 1998
    Quartering Readiness Date achieved April 1998
    Batch Test 3 achieved June 1998
    In-Service Date achieved June 1998
    Batch Test 4 achieved October 1998
    ISRD achieved January 1999
    Operational Readiness Date due late 1999

    Data sources

    Copyright MilitaryImages.Net
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