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Jan 21, 2002
If you want to restrict the viewing of media and or comments to a particular group of people this can be done when you set up the album in the media area. all that is required is to create 'Custom users' and your album is private for those invited only.

custom users.jpg

This could be useful for discussing a sensitive subject or to prevent certain types from spoiling your conversation about the subject matter. Perhaps also you do not want your photos to be in public view for copyright reasons. you can continue to add members to the custom list as you see fit.

The only none custom users who will be able to see your posts are ME!!! for obvious reasons.
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Sorry @Bigbird I missed this post, yes of course it would be good for that and many other possibilities too.
It could be considered I suppose a private group where only invited guests can visit and post, I am aware of a few already in existence that are working very well indeed.
Just a point to note!
If you are named in an album that has been set to private and hence allowed access the albums you are named in will appear in the Media section under 'Albums shared with you' (see pic)
albums shared with you.png
I see, so if I want to create an album but only have certain members view it, I just add their username. Cool kinda like an invite only photo photo viewing.
Yes and if you ever decide that you want it to go public then you can change it as you see fit

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