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Quote/Poem A War Veteran

Discussion in 'All other military discussion' started by Billy Little, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Billy Little

    Billy Little Mi Private MI.Net Member

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    A War Veteran
    (author unknown)

    I watched him limp as he came my way
    There was also sadness in his eyes.
    His clothes were all ragged and torn
    And time seemed to have passed him by.

    He looked like he didn't belong here
    But yet, somewhere he had been a part
    Of a this life when the turmoil around us
    Had tugged violently at all of our hearts

    I tried to offer him some comfort,
    But he gave me an unfriendly grin
    He told me "No matter how hard I try
    I just can't seem to fit in."

    He looked much older than his 50 years;
    I thought back to a time long ago,
    When he was a handsome young soldier.
    Oh God! What if we'd only known.

    If we had known of the outcome
    Would things be different today?
    Would we have turned our backs on the world
    Or still sent our young men away?

    The man said I shouldn't be worried,
    And he hoped that he wouldn't offend,
    But if he had it to do all over,
    He'd do it all over again.

    He'd be willing, again, to shoulder a gun
    And put his fears and his hurt aside.
    After all, he was defending his country.
    His eyes glowed with the soldier's true pride.

    The mental scars were more painful
    When the soldiers came home from the war.
    Our country considered them outcasts,
    And cast them aside all the more.

    It seems like it was just yesterday
    When I spoke with this man who'd been brave.
    Now with tears mixed with pride and yet sadness,
    I kneel praying at my brother's grave.
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