1. Bennie

    Photos Soviet Armed Forces

    An Armoured unit of the Carpathian Military District equipped with T-54 tanks and SU-100 self-propelled guns during an exercise,1955
  2. Leo_Chambers

    Photos Soviet misadventure in Afghanistan

    Some of a collection of images sent to me by a gentleman in Kazakhstan, who I bought some Soviet era militaria from. I don't know how he came by these, or if any are of him and his time serving there. I though I'd share a few, starting with some of the Mi-24 photos. Hope these are of interest...
  3. ao_sepia

    Question? Why RPG-2 knocked T-62? RPG-2 lighter than RPG-7,but knocked T-62!
  4. ao_sepia

    Question? why not SKS is the most popular Soviet carbine?

    SKS is country users and clone,copy countries more than SVT-40 and PPSh-41.or more?:(:confused:o_O
  5. AAR Galileo

    Video Traitors Within - Spies Who Sold Out America

  6. AAR Galileo

    GMW Airforce : Eastern Order of Battle : Soviet/Russia, China, Asia, ...

    Eastern Order of Battle is a web site that contains data on eastern flying technique user military air forces. Since those information were confidential earlier a lot of false data is present in different sources. The purpose of this site is to clarify these details.
  7. AAR Galileo

    Space When the Soviet put a cannon on their space station

    It's a story that few people know about, but in 1974-75, the soviet tested a canon to defend their space station in orbit. They launch Saliout 3 equipped with a 23mm canon (see photo) and tested it in space. The model was a R-23M. they fired around 50 shots to test the canon and the thrusters...