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Space When the Soviet put a cannon on their space station

Discussion in 'Space Flight' started by AAR Galileo, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. AAR Galileo

    AAR Galileo Mi Sergeant TAARB MI.Net Member Mi.Net Supporter

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    It's a story that few people know about, but in 1974-75, the soviet tested a canon to defend their space station in orbit.
    They launch Saliout 3 equipped with a 23mm canon (see photo) and tested it in space. The model was a R-23M.
    they fired around 50 shots to test the canon and the thrusters that compensated the recoil of the canon.

    More info :
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  2. Herc15

    Herc15 Mi Sergeant MI.Net Member

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    it says in the article that they opted for missiles in the end. how would that work considering there is no oxygen for the rocket motors?
  3. droopy Romania

    droopy Mi Recruit TAARB MI.Net Member

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    There is no oxygen for the gun powder that proppels the 23mm rounds. Same thing with the missiles, they use stuff that dose not require O2 to ignite and burn.
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