1. AAR Galileo

    Video Soldiers in Hiding - 1985 documentary about Vietnam Vets

    A grim portrait of Vietnam War Veterans, living out their lonely lives in the American wilderness, unable to cope with the lasting effects of their traumatic war experiences.
  2. BravoZulu

    Article Death of a Soldier

    A former paratrooper fell to his death from a hotel rooftop while waiting for a psychiatrist to decide whether he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, an inquest heard yesterday. Peter O'Sullivan, who had seen 'very severe military activity' in Afghanistan during ten years in the...
  3. Bombardier

    Video A Brave Womans Story Of Ptsd

    This is a moving story of a brave woman Stephanie Lembo who, along with her children endured the affects of PTSD suffered by Her Husband. She now wants to make us all aware of PTSD and the affects it has on the sufferer and their families. Respect to you lady
  4. Cobra

    Article Soldier With Ptsd

    A Soldier with PTSD fell in a hole and couldn’t get out. A Senior NCO went by and the Soldier with PTSD called out for help. The Senior NCO yelled at, told him to suck it up dig deep & drive on, then threw him a shovel. But the Soldier with PTSD could not suck it up and drive on so he dug...
  5. E

    Article In Defense Of Our Soldiers With Ptsd: By Rabbi Charles Kroloff. Forward By President Jimmy Carter

    Here is a beautiful and moving account of all our soldiers from Battlefields with PTSD By Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff with Forward by President Jimmy Carter " One quarter of the homeless are war veterans,most of them from the...
  6. saiga

    Other Post Animal Assisted Therapy

    Amazing animals and amazing people Warriors and Wolves at Lockwood Animal Rescue Center From the point of view of someone who´s got first-hand experience with animal...
  7. Drone_pilot

    Mil News Taliban Leader Killed From Almost A Mile Away By Scottish Sniper

    25-year-old Scottish Corporal Christopher Reynolds set a new record for longest kill in the war in Afghanistan by taking out a drug lord and top-level Taliban fighter, known as Musa, with a single chest shot from over 1,500 meters (0.93 miles) away. Lance Corporal David Hatton acted as a...
  8. Frisco-Kid

    Other Post Survivor's Guilt

    For many combat vets this is a big part of their suffering from PTSD. "Why not me? Why was I spared when others weren't?" I enlisted in the Army in JAN66 specifically to be a paratrooper. I turned 19 in Basic Training. I also volunteered to go to VN. By the end of JUN66 I had gotten both of...