Mil News Taliban Leader Killed From Almost A Mile Away By Scottish Sniper


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Feb 29, 2004
25-year-old Scottish Corporal Christopher Reynolds set a new record for longest
kill in the war in Afghanistan by taking out a drug lord and top-level Taliban
fighter, known as Musa, with a single chest shot from over 1,500 meters (0.93
miles) away.

Lance Corporal David Hatton acted as a spotter for Reynolds on the shop
rooftop by working out bullet trajectory and wind speed factoring. Four men
were with Musa at the time, and at first weren't even aware that shots were
being fired at them.

Hatton recalled, “We had been in position for three days when he made that
shot. He did a top job that day.” Proud of his record shot, Reynolds says that he
plans on using his accomplishment “as a chat-up line in the pub when I get
back home.”

I'd loved to see the look on his body guards face when the realised what
was going on LOL
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Awesome skills and great news too mil-smile04

He made the shot with an Accuracy International L115A3
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The is some great shooting. If he was in my A/O, I would gladly provide beer and BBQ. Job well done.
Just read about how PTSD has led this man to assault his live in girlfriend

sniper christopher reynolds.jpg

His selfless bravery and outstanding skill made him a hero of the war in Afghanistan.

Corporal Christopher Reynolds’s repeated acts of gallantry – plus an extraordinary sniper shot that took out a Taliban commander from more than a mile away – earned him the Military Cross.

But when the Queen presented him with his medal last July, his pride hid a dark depression. The 26-year-old Black Watch sniper commander was battling a breakdown.

This led to a vicious attack on his live-in girlfriend, whom he repeatedly punched in the face before throwing a glass at her.

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