Article In Defense Of Our Soldiers With Ptsd: By Rabbi Charles Kroloff. Forward By President Jimmy Carter

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Jul 20, 2016
Here is a beautiful and moving account of all our soldiers from Battlefields with PTSD By Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff with Forward by President Jimmy Carter

" One quarter of the homeless are war veterans,most of them from the Vietnam conflict. Do you remember Ron Kovic's story in the film,Born on The Fourth of July? It dramatized the fact that the veterans of that war were abandoned and discouraged,even dishonored,and in Ron's case,wound up on our streets,some of them disabled,others mentally traumatized by their war experiences,others simply unable to find work."

Thank you military for letting me tell my grievous story elsewhere. I hope here I can help in some way in return.

I said I had quit those evil,corrupt jobs and temporarily down and out for a while and thus as a Christian should I met and wanted to help the homeless. Thus,I came across this article in book 54 Ways To Help The Homeless. By Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, '93. We must keep the Golden Door open to always heal and help these brave and courageous soldiers who got PTSD from Battle. No one can walk off a Battlefield unaffected or never suffer grievously from bad illnesses of a Battle. Eva L. Hart,Army '62 to '70,E5 I couldn't capitalize PTSD in title and learned they do not cap whole word here due to technical concerns.

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