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Welcome @William V Burns glad to have you aboard.
How did you find us, was it via search engine?. Can you show us any images of the work you have done so far on your rover? :)
Via a google search for M113 blueprints, line drawings. Your site was on the first page. I have built a Dfrobotshop rover v2, and am buying another Arduino board and Tamiya twin-motor gearbox and wheelset with tracks. This will not be a scale model but is borrowing the design characteristics of the M113 hull to build a platform for sensors and accessories. The M113 hull looks fairly easy to fabricate from aluminum sheet and would scale well. No work so far on that rover, but here are some photos of the first rover:


Great work mate :)
I assume you would have GPS and such like fitted to these machines? Looks very technical too

Via a google search for M113 blueprints
First page eh (Y) thanks for that

I am going to move your thread into 'Military modelling' seems a better place for you to discuss and share pics of your work.
Very thorough mate, I am more renowned for winging it rather than any real planning.
Not a modeler myself but find the patience and skill of people that do amazing :)
This is more 'robotics' than modeling. I was an aerospace modeler and a metal sculptor in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, and it is nice that many of the skills transfer over.

Edit: Thank you for your kind words.

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