lockheed p38 lightning

  1. tomthounaojam

    Photos Hasegawa P-38J Lightning 1/72

    Hi Guys, Here is my recent built, the Hasegawa P-38J Lightning in 370th FG, 485TH FS, Maj. Sabo 1944. The kit is a bit dated however, it is was a gift from a good friend Eghui Chew. So, I started last week and thought this will be a fairly simple build. However, it wasn't the biggest...
  2. American aircraft WW2

    American aircraft WW2

    P-38 somewhere in the Pacific
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  4. torpedo bombers

    torpedo bombers

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  6. P-38 Lightning test firing

    P-38 Lightning test firing

    Nose guns of a P-38 Lightning aircraft test firing
  7. lockheed P38 Lightning

    lockheed P38 Lightning

  8. A flight of P38 Lightning's

    A flight of P38 Lightning's

  9. Lockheed P38 Lightning Art by Heinz Krebs.

    Lockheed P38 Lightning Art by Heinz Krebs.

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  11. Lockheed P-38 Lightning

    Lockheed P-38 Lightning

  12. Lockheed p38 Lightning

    Lockheed p38 Lightning

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  14. Drone_pilot

    Article P-38 Found on Welsh Beach

    NEW YORK - Sixty-five years after it ran out of gas and crash-landed on a beach in Wales, an American P-38 fighter plane has emerged from the surf and sand where it lay buried - a World War II relic long forgotten by the U.S. government and unknown to the British public. During those...
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  16. P-38


  17. P-38 on test with the RAF

    P-38 on test with the RAF

  18. P-38 Lightning

    P-38 Lightning

  19. Captain Thomas Lamphier

    Captain Thomas Lamphier

    U.S. Army Air Corp. P-38 Lightning pilot and ace Captain Thomas Lamphier at the Ford aircraft plant in Willow Run ,Michigan July 7,1943 on a bond and good will tour. He is in front of a brand new Consolidated B-24 named in his honor , for being the pilot believed responsible for shooting down...
  20. Der Gableswanz Teufel

    Der Gableswanz Teufel

    This was the first year the Confederate Air force along with there Ghost Squadron, went on the airshow circuit. It is 1981 at Bakalar Field Columbus, Indiana now a closed military air field.The translation is exactly what the German pilots called the P-38 Lightning. The Forkedtail Devil...