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Jun 25, 2020
Thank you for allowing me to join this group.

I am a family and local historian, researching the men and women commemorated on a number of local war memorials. This aspect of my research is on an entirely voluntary basis. I currently maintain four blogs for five different war memorials.

On my professional blog, there are several posts with general advice for those new to military research.

I came to this forum today to find out how to get permission to use a photo of the Dunluce Castle, and now I'm off to ask Bombardier how to do that and to tell him the story behind my request. It would be lovely to get permission to use it on the Creative Commons basis, if possible today, as the infantryman concerned died on 25 June 1920 at the South African Military Hospital in Richmond Park, Surrey, England.

You may gather from that, that I'm not terribly skilled at communicating on forums.

Thanks again!
Welcome to the forum. @mwfro. On a general note, Creative Commons permissions can only be granted by the copyright holder of a photograph. For Dunluce Castle that would be the heirs of the photographer. I think though, both images of this ship present at the forum are already out of copyright, and you can freely use them without having to ask anyone.
Nice to meet You here! Enjoy this site!

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