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Oct 10, 2015
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In Big February 2017 Newsletter--

Hello World War 2 & jet aircraft fans --

You are invited to drop by Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In to view our February 2017 selection of eight exciting films streaming over the Web in broadband with two premieres!

As always, all of the videos showing on our web site are for your free viewing pleasure. Please help "spread the word" by liking us on Facebook!

Now showing in February "At the Matinee" at Zeno's Drive-In Free admission!


* Why We fight: Prelude to War NEW "Why We Fight," an Academy Award winning seven part film series, was shown to millions of American servicemen & women to educate them about the causes and early history of World War 2, supplemented with easy to grasp charts, graphics and lively animation to engage the audience. Part 1 "Prelude to War" shows the conditions that led to rise of the Axis Power, Germany, Italy and Japan and their aggressive expansion into China and Ethiopia in the 1930s with little opposition from the Western democracies.

* The Adventures of Tartu - A World War 2- A World War 2 Espionage Thriller NEW Tartu is a classic "Film Noir" feature length World War 2 espionage movie. In 1940, bomb disposal expert Capt. Terrence Stevenson (Robert Donat), an Englishman born in Romania and educated in Germany, is called to the Foreign Office in London. He speaks both Romanian and German fluently. He's assigned an undercover mission disguised as a Romanian chemical engineer "Jan Tartu" to destroy a poison gas factory in Czechoslovakia.

* The Fight for the Sky In February of 1944, General Jimmy Doolittle "turned loose" his fighters to go after the Luftwaffe where they lived. This marked a radical change in strategy from the disastrous tactics of 1943 that kept escorting fighters chained to bombers. Now, US fighters, including the P-51, probed deep into Germany, catching the opposition on the ground, inflicting mortal damage .

*The True Glory - From D-Day to the Elbe True Glory tells the breathtaking story of the Allied sweep across Northern Europe, seen through the lenses of hundreds of Combat Cameramen from the USA, Canada, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Great Britain, and captured German footage. Introduced by Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower.

*There is a Way: The 421st Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Fighting Cavaliers and their F-105 Thunderchiefs in Vietnam This is a lot more than your average USAF "information" film. Shot in November, 1966, this up close and personal look at the 421st Sq, 388th TFW has everything from exciting footage of a bombing raid on Hanoi, dodging SAMs and fighting Migs, to feverish overnight activity to repair and rearm the big "Thuds"at their base at Korat, Thailand.

The Case of the Tremendous Trifle - planning a World War 2 Bombing Mission. From the C.I.A. archives. This fascinating film shows how various intelligence sources, including spies, interrogations of refugees & POWs, aerial reconnaissance and seemingly innocuous sources like corporate parts catalogs were tied together and used in the strategic planning and execution of one of the epic missions of World War 2, the bombing of the ball bearing plants at Schweinfurt, Germany.

* Stratojet: Meet Your Boeing B-47 See the design, development and manufacturing of the Boeing B-47 Stratojet, the US Air Force's first operational long range all jet bomber. You'll follow a crew from SAC's McConnell Air Force Base (3250th Combat Crew Training Wing) on a training mission that simulates a night attack using a practice target in the US. There are some great shots of the Stratojet on the ground and in the air, including night air refueling. You'll also hear crew dialog as they work through various procedures during the bomb run.

* Interrogation of Enemy Airmen This fascinating film, from the archives of the Central Intelligence Agency, was produced during World War 2 to train American "AIOs" (Air Intelligence Officers) in techniques for interrogating captured enemy airmen, gathering vital intelligence. You'll get a look inside an AIO training school, where candidates learn a variety of interrogation methods, the importance of thoroughly familiarizing yourself with existing intelligence about enemy units and weapons, and observe mock interrogations that are critiqued by the class.

We also show 1940-45 vintage WWII Army & Navy films and pilot's manuals on how to fly the F4U, F6F, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, P-61, TBF/TBM, AT-6/SNJ, B-17, B-24, B-25, A-20, A-26, B-26, B-29, and Stearman N2S. Alert! - don't miss the F-86, B-47 & B-58!
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Videos: Why We Fight, Espionage Flick, WW2 Fighters, F-105s & more

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