Photos U. S. Marine Artillery on Iwo Jima


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Feb 22, 2012
Across the litter on Iwo Jima's black sands, Marines of the 4th Division shell Jap positions cleverly concealed back from the beaches. Here, a gun pumps a stream of shells into Jap positions inland on the tiny volcanic island

iwo jima artillery model 01.jpg
iwo jima artillery model 02.jpg
iwo jima artillery model 03.jpg
iwo jima artillery model 04.jpg
iwo jima artillery model 05.jpg

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G'day Tom, Just had a look at your Iwo Jima diarama and by pure coincidence that I had just been looking at the John Wayne film of that name. If that is a 105 artillary piece in it that brougth back a memory of the Revell kit I bought and built with the small diarama base that came with it back in the late 1950's when based at Changi Singapore. We did not have all the accessories that you can get to day so it was not as extensive as yours.
Dont know if its my computer or the web site but the pictures are out of focus so could not get a real good look to make any real comment any chance of an update??


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