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Tigers in the Mud

Discussion in 'Military books' started by Reloader, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Reloader

    Reloader Mi Lieutenant MI.Net Member

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    This autobiography covers the WWII combat career of Otto Carius, one of the most successful, highly-decorated Panzer commanders ever to take a Tiger tank into battle, destroying over 150 enemy tanks during his incredible career. Carius served in several tanks throughout the war, from the small Panzer 38(t) to the mighty Tiger I and briefly, the huge Jagdtiger. He fought against the Russians and the Americans, although the majority of the book is mainly concerned with his 'Tiger' actions against the Russians. It is an interesting book for anyone who likes personal accounts of armoured warfare during the Second World War.
    Personally, whilst I enjoyed the book, I thought it was a bit too sanitized for my tastes, as regards his re-telling of the various actions. He does not go into great detail about them, perhaps in an effort not to seem to be gloryifying his many successes, but I felt that in reading it, I was never really 'there' with him, if you know what I mean.
    Many other memoirs recount the sights, sounds, smells etc., of battle, painting a mental picture which helps to give an understanding of what the author went through and that was what I felt this book was lacking.
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  2. tigertanktoo

    tigertanktoo Mi Recruit MI.Net Member

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    I highly recommend this book to any German Armor enthusiast or model builder. Alot of great references to the combat conditions the german soldier endured and alot of great black and white photos. Althought not as detailed or as in depth as " Normandiefront: D-Day to Saint-Lo Through German Eyes" by Vince Milano, it's still a great story from the perspective of the other side of the war and how it affected the german soldier. Absolutely one of my favorite books.
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