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Apr 11, 2021
the legendary t72 tank, this time the T72b1 the driver in the front, the pointer on the left and the commander on the right, it does not require a loader as it has an automatic loader, it has a 125 mmwith capacity to shoot arrow, HE and high explosive fragmentation ammunition, it also has 2 machine guns, a PKT7 coaxial and a NSVT anti-aircraft machine gun uses black type armor (a combination of materials to improve defense, in addition to having ERA type 1 bricks, the sights are TPN1 and the TPD-K1N, for the external view it has 2 scopes: TNP0 and a TNPA has a 1A40 computer,It has an ammunition counter similar to an analog clock that says the remaining ammunition, it has a TPU panel an extension of the R168 radio,In addition to the fact that the pointer has a secondary viewer, a TPN-1 gen 2 is a passive and active night viewer and the reflector is the IRL luna 2R time to talk about the tank commander he the use TKN3MK pseudo binocular (which has active and passive night vision capabilities) you can take advantage of the IRL luna 2R or you can take advantage of the OU3IR reflector Being a pseudo binocular by day it has 2 viewers and at night it only has 1 viewer, the problem is that it is not stabilized, it can be more difficult to see a target at a distance An amazing feature is the so-called "hunter killer" (the tank chief after identifying the target presses a button on the left side which makes the turret automatically turn to the side where the commander is pointing the tank boss has 2 radio panels on the right side, the left one is the R168PK panel and on the right side the R168PU2 panel


The model of the radio is R16825U, a fifth generation radio and also has a navigation device (basically a GPS useful when the tank does not have satellite location and a plate where a map can be placed for a better location) the NBC protection are lattice made of polyethylene and polysuotylene sheet impregnated with lead that protects against radiation and also acts as a mesh in case of impact, it also has an overpressure system and etc. as seen in previous models I have not been able to check if it has a radiation and gamma detection system and chemical agents (probably it has them but I have not found information or photos), and it has a B84MS engine it can use benzene, diesel, querozene etc. It is cooled by Water The transmission is 8-speed manual, the suspension is made of torsion bars with 6 wheels and of course a tensioner wheel and a tractor wheel, and a snorkel that can reach a depth of 5 meters

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