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Full credit to SH_MM, who posted this: "Last year the Swiss Festungsmuseum received two Panzer 87 [prototypes]: RUAG's Leopard 2 MLU with full add-on armor kit and a variant with partial add-on armor kit." And is relevant here,

AXALP 2021 one of the coolest events out there

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The picture still is not a teaser !
Grenadiers snipers from the Special Forces Command in ghillie suits and armed with SIG 553LB Commando, PGM Hécate II with a Scrome LTE J10 F1 8-10x scope, Sako TRG-42 with a 3-12x50 PMII Schmidt & Bender scope.

* my most sincere congratulations, gentlemen, you have achieved a perfect camouflage! mil-smile03
* sir, no intention of interrupting your speech, but could it be possible for me to take this off? Among the ferns of my camouflage there is a snake and I don't like that threatening hiss... mil-smile04?
F/A-18 Hornet in Payern base
A Centurion tank turret, mounted inside a bunker in Switzerland, known as a "Centi Bunker". The turret still has its 105 mm gun and armour, but protection is augmented by additional armour plating in front. It is accessed from below via a ladder inside in the bunker.

Three Super Puma helicopters have left for Greece to assist in fighting wildfires. 3 Sept 2023


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