Photos Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989

Senior Lieutenant from Odessa Sergey Gaiduk, one of the heroes of the American documentary about the Soviet contingent in Afghanistan AFGAN: The Soviet Experience (1989). The one who boldly drove along the dusty Afghan roads on armored personnel carriers in sunglasses and a helmet. He left Afghani safe and sound, already a captain, on February 7, 1989.

All these time I was downloading all the pictures in this thread, and I also learnt a lot.
Now it is my time to contribute with some photos I took from a couple of Spanish fascicles collections named Máquinas de Guerra (War Machines) and Aviones de Guerra (War Airplanes). I suppose they were the translation of some eponymous British series; here the images...

Mi-24 V-VS y AAF en Afganistan.jpg

Two Mi-24s in Kabul airport. One "Hind-A" of Soviet V-VS (front) and one "Hind-D" of Afghan armed forces (back).

MI-24 AAF en Kabul (A. de Widenberg).jpg

One of the first high quality pictures of Mi-24P in Afghanistan that reached the West. Credit: A. de Widenberg.

An-22 Aeroflot carreteando en Bagram.jpg

A huge Aeroflot´s An-22 "Cook" taxiing in Bagram air base.

Mi-8 AAF derribado y hecho colectivo por mujahidines.jpg

The Mujahideen took advantage of all military equipment that fell into their hands. Here the hull of a shotdown Afghan Mi-8 helicopter... transformed into a bus!
Delivery #2.

An-12 descargando pertrechos en Afganistan.jpg

A Antonov An-12 being unloaded in an Afghan air base.

Mi-8 V-VS y AAF en Bagram.jpg

A V-VS Mi-8 takes off while two other Mi-8s (one Afghan, the second Aeroflot´s) stay parked on the ground.

Mi-4 AAF derribado por muhaidines en Afganistan-.jpg

This Mujahideen poses triumphant on an Afghan Mi-4 that was shot down.

Il-76 Aeroflot en Baghram.jpg

Line of three Aeroflot´s Ilyushin Il-76s being unloaded in Bagram air base.

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