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  • The Boys in Company C

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I have to ditto that comment you had about R. Lee...He is DA MAN!! Hey Axis check out my pick in the photo album you might enjoy. I met DA MAN when he was in Detroit. Out of the 3 movies you have listed I liked Boys of Company "C" because I've never seen Seige of Firebase Gloria and R. Lee. only had small cameo in Apocolypse Now. They were both awesome movies though.
Hey, Bang. I believe you would like "Firebase Gloria." "The Boys of Company C" is definitely a must-see. R.Lee is, as you say, "Da Man." Another good one is Dale Dye.
Dale Dye is great.. it would be cool to see the pair on one movie together. ..maybe is the new Pacific War mini series
What role did he play in Apocolypse Now?
He was one of the Heli pilots is the beach assult. it was just a small clip but I think in the remastered version he has more that one sceen