Photos Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf F Trop Academy 1/35

I started this kit but set it aside after I made a few mistakes. If only I had your skill! It's nasty weather here, so I really should get it out again.
Just one observation - the ariel looks a bit 'chunky'

It also looks a little thinner on the boxtop painting

Excellent weathered look!

For aerials, I unravel a small electrical cord and just use one strand to represent that.
Pz.Kpfw II elaboration of the topic in 1/35 scale. This is how Pz.Kpfw II multiplied in my showcase over the years. Models Pz.Kpfw. II from various manufacturers. From left Pz.Kpfw II Ausf C French Campaign Tamyia, Pz.Kpfw II Ausf F Academy, Brückenleger Pz.Kpfw II Ausf D Bronco and Pz.Kpfw II Ausf D ICM. Another Pz.Kpfw Ausf B model will be added. Pz.Kpfw II Ausf B from the Polish campaign.



I added the last details, overspray the model with dust pigments to slightly dampen the color contrast. And I declare the model complete. The construction of the model was without problems. I believe that the Academy will use the potential hidden in the kit and surprise us with another version.






Hey Milan, your tanks look nice. I have a huge collection of tanks and planes, but sadly i collected them only. No time to build. Other things where more "urgent". But now that we've moved and the new flat is gradually becoming more finished, I think I'll finally be able to build something again soon ;-)