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Battle of Crete; May 1941, partisans attacked German units. In retribution the Germans executed 180 residents of the village of Kandanos, killed all livestock; razed all houses, and erected a sign

"In retribution for the brutal murder of a parachute infantry platoon and a combat engineer squad by an ambush of armed men and women, Kandanos was destroyed."

Italy, 1944-10. Informal group portrait of Italian partisans or underground resistance fighters, most of them carrying rifles, with some allied servicemen in the Salerno-Naples area. The man in a forage cap in the back row is a RAF serviceman. The servicemen wearing Australian slouch hats and standing at extreme left, extreme right and 3rd from right in the back row are members of No. 451 Squadron RAAF. The squadron was based at Gragnano west of Salerno.
Yugoslav Partisans photographed in and on a Hungarian Turan I tank they captured, 1944. This vehicle likely originally belonged to the Hungarian 1st Cavalry Division, which had been stationed in Senta in present-day Serbia.

A Yugoslav partisan, with a US submachine gun (UD M42) around his neck and a Soviet cap on his head, posing in the National Assembly in Belgrade in front of a statue of the Serbian king Dušan the Mighty. Liberated Belgrade, Nov. 1944
French civilians of all ages work to tear up stones from the street to make barricades as the population rose up against the Germans as the Allies approached Paris; August 1944.
Captured Polish resistance fighters moments before being executed at the intersection of Chłodna and Żelazna streets. Warsaw, Poland. Summer 1944.
Scene from 1944 American film about Soviet partisans fighting back during the 1941 Nazi invasion of Russia
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The group's routines are disrupted when a Russian ballerina, is brought to their hideout after becoming separated from others in her entertainment troupe.
Second lieutenant Jerzy Siwiec from Anna company, Gustav battalion, throws a hand grenade at the Wehrmacht position on Zamkowym Square - August, 1944
Polish Home Army / Armia Krajowa during the Warsaw Uprising
Original Caption;
“Insurgents wore white and red armbands with the letters “WP” for Polish Army (Wojsko Polskie)”
From the Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

Yugoslav Partisans with a decorated fir tree celebrating the New Year's Eve 1943 in their base area in Leća near Vodica. In the picture are fighters of the Primorska detachment.
Jewish civilians who’d been taken prisoner by German Wehrmacht and SS forces in occupied-Poland, from the Gęsiówka concentration camp in Warsaw, after liberation by Polish insurgents from Armia Krajowa „Zośka battalion“, during the 63-day Warsaw Uprising (Powstanie Warszawskie), on August 5th, 1944.
Soviet partisans prepare to execute a former partisan, who switched to being an informant and traitor, by firing squad. Kursk Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. c. October 1943
22 Feb 1943, Sophie Scholl (21), Hans Scholl (24) & Christoph Probst (23), members of White Rose resistance beheaded by guillotine in Germany for distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich.