Photos Nuclear Weapons Detonations

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A mushroom cloud appears over the Kazakh desert and steppe after the RDS-2 Linage (38 kilotons) Soviet nuclear weapon test at the Semipalatinsk Test Site, (Kazakhstan) Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union, on September 24th, 1951
Luis Alvarez and colleague of the Tinian team holding a box containing the plutonium core of the Fat Man bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.
Video of the explosion of the most powerful thermonuclear bomb RDS-220 at 50Mt.
Operation Sailor Hat, test Bravo's 500 tons of high explosive are detonated on Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii, 6 February 1965, with the test ship Atlanta moored nearby. Simulating the effects of an atomic bomb and determining how Navy ships could survive the attack.
Today in 1953, the United States conducted shot Harry of Operation Upshot-Knothole at the Nevada Proving Ground. This 32-kt nuclear test became known as “Dirty Harry” for exposing large numbers of people and livestock downwind to more radioactive fallout than any other US test.

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“Dirty Harry” may have contributed to the premature deaths of John Wayne and 45 other cast and crew members of “The Conqueror.” Below, Wayne on location in 1954 in Snow Canyon, Utah, examines a radioactive hotspot with his two sons, Patrick and Michael.

In 1955, the AEC produced a propaganda film to reassure the public which lied about the dangers of nuclear testing and the precautions it took, insisting “the long-term defense of freedom” made the test site “absolutely essential as a backyard workshop.”
Among the deceased was also Pedro Armendáriz, a Mexican actor, who preferred to shoot himself than die from the effects of cancer, sad very sad and the film was not very successful...
Martin RB-57D in flight as the Poplar nuclear device detonates during Operation Hardtack I, Bikini Atoll, 12 July 1958
Gadget, July 16, 1945:


Various views of shot Baker:





Operation Buster-Jangle, shot Easy, 31kt:


Operation Teapot, shot MET (Military Effect Tower), 22kt:


Supposed to be a standard effects test, LASL clandestinely substituted experimental U233/Pu core, thus undershot estimated yield by a third.

Operation "Снежок" (Snowball), RDS4 (40kt) airburst dropped from a Tu4, Totskoye test site, Orenburg Oblast, 1954:


Shot "Чаган" (White, in Mongol), 140kt underground nuclear test in Semipalatinsk, Khazakstan, January 15, 1965


The test gave birth to lake Chagan, also called lake Balapan (408m wide, 100 deep).

The purpose of the test was to study the application of nuclear explosion for civilian uses: creation of artificial lakes, canals, harbors. It was a copy the US program, Operation Plowshare, shot Sedan (104kt) in Nevada, July 1962
On October 30, 1961 the Soviet Union detonated the largest thermonuclear device in human history. The AN602 «Tsar Bomba» had a yield of 50 Megatons of TNT (And this was only HALF its theorized potential yield). The bomb was dropped by parachute from a Tu-95V aircraft, and detonated 4 km above the Novaya Zemlya.
They were afraid the full 100-MT yield would vaporize the drop plane, among other things. Even as it were, they only gave the crew 50/50 odds of surviving.
Soldiers just over a mile from ground zero, moments after the detonation of the 43 kiloton nuclear test 'Simon' at the Nevada Test Site, 1953.
3 Oct 1952, Britain detonated its 1st nuke. A 25 kiloton device named "Hurricane" on the Monte Bello Islands, Australia

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