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Lead ship of the class, helicopter cruiser Andrea Doria (C 553) while launching a Terrier SAM during an exercise off Sardinia in 1985.
Australia & USN:
Replenishment oiler HMAS Supply (A195) conducts replenishment at sea with Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay (CG-53) during Ex Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022, July 18, 2022
New Orleans-class heavy cruiser USS Minneapolis (CA-36) refueling at sea from Cimarron-class fleet oiler USS Platte (AO-24), during the Marshall Islands operation, January 1944.

Severely damaged Essex class carrier USS Franklin (CV-13) arrives in New York to undergo repairs. The ship had been hit with two Japanese bombs while planes that were gassed and armed were preparing to take off. The resulting fire caused tremendous damage to the ship killing around 800 men and wounding another 500. Franklin entered Brooklyn Navy Yard on April 28, 1945, for repairs but never returned to active service. Omaha-class light cruiser USS Marblehead (CL-12) can be seen in the foreground.
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India & Malaysia:


Kamorta-class (Project 28) ASW corvette INS Kiltan (P30) and Kasturi-class corvette KD Lekir (F-26) undertook various maritime operations during sea phase of Exercise Samudra Laksamana, including gunnery firing, seamanship evolutions, sea boats, helicopter & maritime patrol aircraft operations. Sea Phase culminated with a traditional Steam Past.
USS Annapolis (SSN 760) Los Angeles-class Flight III 688i (Improved) attack submarine coming into Fleet Base West, HMAS Stirling, Western Australia - March 10, 2024

USS Bainbridge (DDG 96) Arleigh Burke-class Flight IIA guided missile destroyer leaving Norfolk, Virginia - March 11, 2024

USS Charlotte (SSN 766) Los Angeles-class Flight III 688i (Improved) attack submarine leaving Yokosuka, Japan - March 11, 2024

USS Montgomery (LCS 8) Independence-variant littoral combat ship leaving San Diego - March 11, 2024

USS Stethem (DDG 63) Arleigh Burke-class Flight I guided missile destroyer coming into Seal Beach, California - March 11, 2024

USS Gridley (DDG 101) Arleigh Burke-class Flight IIA guided missile destroyer leaving San Diego - March 11, 2024
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11 March1999, Los Angeles-class submarine USS Bremerton (SSN-698) sank the bow of M/V New Carissa off the Coast of Oregon, firing a Mk-48 ADCAP from 8,000 yards
Taigei-class lead boat JS Taigei (SS-513) was reclassified to a test submarine JS Taigei (SSE-6201), effective March 8, 2024 and incorporated into a newly formed 11th Submarine Squadron.
County-class heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland underway in wartime disruptive paint scheme, 11 Mar 1942, location unknown. Note large aircraft hangar enclosure on the afterdeck.

L class destroyer HMS Lightning (G55) at a bouy

During late February and March 1943 Lightning was escorting troop and supply ships between Algiers and Bône in the day and attacking enemy convoys at night. When in harbour she was attacked every day by enemy aircraft and acted as an anti-aircraft ship. On her last voyage, Lightning left Bône alone at 1745 hours on the evening of Friday 12 March 1943 and after joining Loyal provided flanking screening cover to the cruisers Aurora and Sirius. The plan was to attack a German convoy out of Sicily bound for Tunisia. But when the convoy heard Lightning had left port, they returned to harbour. At 1851 hours Lightning was attacked by twelve German torpedo bombers. Lightning shot down one of the bombers and the attack itself failed to do any damage.

At about 2200 hours interpreters on board Lightning intercepted a radio message in German, stating that they were about to attack Lightning. At about 2215 hours the German motor torpedo boat (Schnellboot) S-158 of the 7th S-Boat Flotilla (First Lieutenant at Sea Schultze-Jena) fired the first torpedo, disabling Lightning. The ship's company had no time to return fire: they were not operating RDF, ASDIC or HF-DF and were not at full fighting condition due to heavy fighting that had been almost continuous during the past few days. The captain turned the ship hard to port to comb the track of the torpedo, but Lightning was too slow and was hit on the port bow, blowing it clean off. Then a second E-boat, S-55 of the 3rd S-boat flotilla (Kommandant Horst Weber), circled the ship and moved round to the starboard side.[6] The German torpedo boat fired a second torpedo that hit beneath the funnel, destroying both boiler rooms, the pom pom and forward torpedo tubes on the upper deck. Moments later Lightning was abandoned – she had begun sinking almost immediately after the second torpedo hit. One survivor was picked up by S-158 and the remaining 180 survivors (including the captain, Commander Hugh Greaves Walters DSC) were picked up some hours later by sister ship Loyal, arriving Bone 0500 13 March. Survivors transferred to Sirius. The ship's company disbanded, transferred to other ships and shore base HMS Hannibal in Algiers.

Swan class sloop HMS Wild Goose (U 45) 1 April, 1943
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11 March 1944. Submarine I-29 arrives at the French port of Lorient after a voyage from Japan that began on 17 December 1943.

On board are Vice-Amiral Kojima Hideo, the new Naval Embassy Attache for Berlin and his deputy deputy Commander Ogi Kazuto, Cdr Muchaku Senmei Naval Embassy Attache in Madrid, Azuto the Kriegsmarine Naval Attache, Cdr Nahamri, an aviation gun specialist, two Mitsubishi engineers and scientists.

The sub brings in 80 tons of rubber, 80 tons of tungsten, 50 tons of tin, 2 tons of zinc, 3 tons of quinine, some opium, some caffeine and 2 tons of gold in bars to pay goods and weapons.

She will return to Japan on 16 April loaded with Enigma coding machines, radar components, a Walter HWK 509A rocket engine, and Messerschmitt Me 163 and Messerschmitt Me 262 blueprints for the development of the Mitsubishi J8M rocket plane.
Lead ship of the class, battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth, taken from the foretop while the ship was steaming at 21 knots. The top of 'A' and the front portion of 'B' turrets are clearly visible although partly covered by the guns of 'B' turret, and the forecastle deck fittings can be seen from abreast 'B' turret up to the bow. 1916
HMS Iron Duke (F234) Duke-class (Type 23) frigate leaving Plymouth, England - March 11, 2024
USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) Arleigh Burke-class Flight I guided missile destroyer coming into Piraeus, Greece - March 10, 2024
A Japanese twin-engine plane shot down while attacking TG52.11 escort carriers off Saipan on June 18, 1944 (seen from the Casablanca-class escort carrier USS Kitkun Bay (CVE-71).
'Goofers' on board County class destroyer HMS Hampshire (D06) in 1975 watch on as Audacious class aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (R09) prepares to launch an F-4K Phantom.
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River class OPV HMS Tamar (P233) at anchor during her four-day visit to Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific earlier this year.
Royal Navy Destroyer Virago (R75) in collision with escort carrier HMS Khedive (D62) while disengaging on completion of refueling in heavy seas, only minor damage was done to both ships. May 4th 1945 during Operation Dracula.
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HSwMS Härnösand K33 (the third ship of the Visby-class corvettes), March 2024