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USS Robalo (SS-273) hits the water with a huge splash, during her launching at Manitowoc Shipyards, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 9 May 1943.

USS Louisville (CA-28) off the Southern coast of Okinawa, 30 May 1945. She was hit by a kamikaze a few days later. LCI-1090 is alongside.

Task Unit 34.8.1, USS South Dakota (BB-57) (on the left) and USS Massachusetts (BB-59) are bombarding industrial infrastructure around the city of Kamaishi, Japan. Photo taken aboard USS Chicago (CA-136). July 1945.
HNLMS Zeeleeuw (S803) Walrus-class submarine visiting New York in 2000
HMS Victory in 1945

Clydebank, UK, Spring 1946. Battleship Vanguard (on the left) and light cruiser Tiger are seen here on different stages of construction. The former will be commissioned in several weeks while the latter faces 12-year-long hiatus.

Southampton class light cruiser HMS Glasgow in Grand Harbour, Malta, March 15, 1952
USS Iowa (BB-61) Fires a salvo of nine 16/50 and six 5/38 guns during a target exercise near Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, 1 July 1984

USS New Jersey (BB-62) firing its main battery while photographers and film crew capture the moment

Guided missile cruiser USS Ticonderoga (CG 47) sits off of Manhattan after the parade of ships at the start of Fleet Week. 29 April 1989
Combined Fleet comprising 17 battleships is anchored at and around Gibraltar. 29 May 1904.
11th Sept 2001, USS Princeton (CG-59) post-UNREP breakaway from USS Sacramento (AOE-1) in North Arabian Sea.

USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) underway conducting missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, as part of the USS Harry S. Truman Battle Group, January 14, 2003
Imperial Germany:
SMS Seydlitz at Wilhelmshaven following Jutland, 1916
Seventh Fleet Arleigh Burke class destroyers entering Yokosuka Harbour, Sept 12, 2021

USS John S. McCain (DDG-56), USS Mustin (DDG-89), USS Stockdale (DDG-106) & USS Rafael Peralta (DDG-115)
USS Michigan BB-27, quarterdeck 1910.

Company of USS New Mexico (BB-40) lines up to greet Belisario Porras Barahona, the President of Panama (arrives in the motorboat) as the ship leads the recently composed USN Pacific Fleet from Norfolk to San Pedro. Panama Canal, July 1919.
Heavy cruiser HMS Exeter in the Canal zone, circa 1939.

Battleship HMS Anson, 4 August 1942

Royal Marines working on a 5.25" secondary turret on HMS Howe, August 1942

Battleships HMS Nelson, HMS Rodney and light cruiser HMS Newfoundland in the Mediterranean, 15-17 April 1943. The photo was taken from the carrier HMS Formidable. Colourised by u/OverI0rd
Charles F Adams class destroyer Lütjens rendering honours to USS Winston S. Churchill after the 11 September attacks
210911-N-OP825-1099 PACIFIC OCEAN (Sept. 11, 2021) Sailors aboard amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli (LHA 7) man the rails on the ship's flight deck as the ship prepares to pull into San Francisco in support of San Francisco Fleet Week (SFFW), Sept. 11, 2021.
"The Regia Torpediniera Aliseo in action" - painting by Sandro Feruglio, showing the torpedo-boat Aliseo during the battle off Bastia, 9 September 1943

In Corsica, occupied by German and Italian forces since the year before, the announcement of the Italian armistice in the evening of 8 September 1943 led to a "gentlemen's agreement" between the Italian and German commands, with the latter being allowed to embark for the continent without hostilities.

However, this accord had a very brief life; in the port of Bastia, where several German and Italian units were based (two sub-chasers and five MFP, and two torpedo-boats moored in port and another patrolling the exit, respectively), at 2345H German seamen, in a clearly preplanned attempt, stormed the torpedo-boat Ardito with surprise, killing a large part of the Italian crew (70 out of 180), as well as the Italian merchantmen in the port.

The Italian command immediately informed the high command in Rome and at the same time adopted a clear line of action: "Answer force by force." Just before the dawn of the 9 September, a detachment of the 10th Bersaglieri Group arrived and counterattacked, forcing the Germans to order to weigh anchor and try to get out of Bastia, under the fire of Italian costal batteries, that damaged the sub-chaser Uj 2203.

The torpedo-boat Aliseo, still out of the port, received orders to engage and destroy the enemy flotilla: not as easy as it sounds, as its two 100 mm guns and ten 20 mm MGs have to match two 88 mm and five 75 mm guns, nine 37 mm and fourteen 20 mm MGs. However, with a veteran crew and led by an experienced and aggressive officer, Capitano di Fregata Carlo Fecia di Cossato (who had become a submarine ace in the Atlantic Ocean), the Aliseo did her job; shrugging off an 88 mm shell that temporarily brought her to a stop, between 0700H and 0835H all German vessels are sunk or blown up, helped in this by the fellow torpedo-boat Cormorano. The Battle off Bastia was over.
HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) leaving Yokosuka, Sept 2021

HMS Argyll heading up the Thames to the DSEI 2021 exhibition, Sept 11, 2021
Battleship Strasbourg at Le Havre, June 1939
The wreck of the K class destroyer HMS Kingston in #4 dock, Malta

22 March 1942

One Direct Hit 15 inch direct action fuzed Shell
KINGSTON, while engaging an enemy force of a battleship and cruisers in the Mediterranean, sustained a direct hit from a shell. The pom-pom and oerlikon structures and the upper deck in the vicinity of the burst were severely damaged. A fire was started in the engine room but it was later extinguished.
Fighting Efficiency - Seriously impaired.
The vessel was able to steam with one boiler at 16 knots.
23 March 1942

Number unknown size and type unknown Bombs
KINGSTON was damaged during an air raid on Malta whilst undergoing temporary repairs to damage received on 22nd March, 1942.
No details available. [at least to the analyst in 1952]
5 April 1942

Near Miss Bombs
KINGSTON, while at Malta Dockyard undergoing temporary repairs to damage received on 22nd March, 1942, was further damaged during an air raid. Many near misses caused splinter damage to the hull and upperworks.
Fighting Efficiency - Not impaired.
Up until this point, the Time out of Action has been "Indeterminate" and refers you to the other three times she was hit.

11 April 1942

KINGSTON while under repair in No.4 dock at Malta Dockyard received further damage during an air raid. The ship broke in two and turned on her beam ends. The dock was seriously damaged and flooded and it was proposed that when repaired it should be pumped dry and KINGSTON broken up.

Survived a 15” shell hit, only to be destroyed while under repair and her captain killed leading men to the air-raid shelter
A C-2A Greyhound from the Sundowners of VCR 30 assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman launches over the Gulf of Oman from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, Jan. 15, 2014.
HMCS Windsor leads the RCN taskforce for Operation Cutlass Fury 2021 out of Halifax Harbor on Sept 7, 2021. Following behind is HMCS Toronto, HMCS Montreal, HMCS Halifax AND HMCS Kingston.
Dubna class replenishment oiler Pechenga performing an astern RAS with a Udaloy class destroyer
A Bell UH-1 of the Royal Netherlands Navy approaches light cruiser HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën (1953-1975) (C802)