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Mongolian reconnaissance UAV Yol-2. On September 12, 2021, in Mongolia, at the Nalaikh airfield near Ulan Bator, the first reconnaissance unmanned vehicle Yol-2 (Borodach-2) of national development made its maiden flight. It is reported that the Mongolian UAV has a range of 100 kilometers with a ceiling of 3000 meters.
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Exercises of the 353rd separate air defense battalion of the Mongolian army.
The exercises demonstrated the upgraded S-125-2M "Pechora-2M" air defense systems with self-propelled launchers 5P73-2M on the MZKT-8021 chassis with a 6x6 wheel arrangement.
These systems are manufactured by Defense Systems OJSC and were supplied to Mongolia in 2010. Also shown is the P-18R radar, modernized by specialists of the Belarusian JSC "KB Radar". August 2021.
A company of the guard of honor of the Mongolian Armed Forces at the ceremony of presenting the nine-legged banner of the Mongol Empire in honor of Genghis Khan's birthday. November 5, 2021. Ulan Bator.
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Mongolian Armed Forces soldiers inspect a role player for weapons and contraband before allowing him through the checkpoint during Exercise Khaan Quest 2017 at Five Hills Training Area, Mongolia, July 28, 2017. Exercises like Khaan Quest set the stage for participating countries to learn from one another’s experiences to enhance peacekeeping capabilities. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Mike Risinger)


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