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Book Medic: Saving lives

Discussion in 'All other military discussion' started by John A Silkstone, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. John A Silkstone United Kingdom

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    Medic: Saving Lives - from Dunkirk to Afghanistan
    by John Nichol, Tony Rennell, Eleo Gordon


    Their job is to put themselves in the heart of danger - to run into battle to rescue the wounded and to risk their own lives to try and save the dying. Doctors, nurses, medics and stretcher bearers go where the bullets are thickest, through bomb alleys and mine fields, ducking mortars and rockets, wherever someone is hit and the shout goes up - 'Medic! We need a medic over here!' War at its rawest is their domain, an ugly place of shattered bodies, severed limbs, broken heads and death. This is the story of those brave men - and, increasingly in this day and age, women - who go to war armed with bandages not bombs, scalpels not swords, and put saving life above taking life. Many have died in the process, the ultimate sacrifice for others. But wherever the cry of 'Medic!' is heard, it will be answered. From the beaches of Dunkirk to the desert towns of Afghanistan, there can be no nobler cause.

    ISBN 9780670916047

    Okay, as an ex medic I might be a little bias, but this book is well written and is worth reading and the synopsis is not very far away from my own book:-

    The Royal Army Medical Corps is the butt of most jokes in the forces - especially from the Regiments who think that to be a medic is to be a sissy.
    In battle situations when a man is injured, his voice will carry high above the noise of shot and shell. The one word he shouts is, “MEDIC!” It is then realised that the medic is not such a sissy after all.
    To all medics, I say: “Keep your head down, look after yourself, and keep making those house calls on the field of battle.”


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