Mil News Iraqis to take custody of Saddam


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Feb 29, 2004
Iraq's interim prime minister says ex-leader Saddam Hussein will be handed to Iraqi legal custody on Wednesday.
The announcement comes a day after the US-led coalition handed power to Iyad Allawi's interim government.

But the ex-leader will remain in a US-run jail until Iraqi detention services are ready to take physical custody.

Earlier three US troops were killed in a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad - the first combat deaths since Iraq regained its sovereignty from the coalition.

In other developments:

A US soldier missing in Iraq since April is reported shot dead by his captors
Three Turks kidnapped last week are released
New US ambassador John Negroponte is due to present his credentials to the new Iraqi leadership
Ex-President Saddam Hussein, who was captured by US forces near his hometown of Tikrit in December, will not face trial for several months, Mr Allawi said.

"This government has formally requested the transfer of the most notorious and high profile detainees to Iraqi legal custody," Mr Allawi told reporters.

"So Saddam Hussein.... along with up to 11 other high valued detainees will be transferred to the legal custody of Iraq tomorrow."

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