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Apr 3, 2009
Hi just seen this site never knew about it until now. spent the good part of 15 years the forces mostly Brit Para. Now spend most of my time trying to introduce the Stolen Valour bill in my country the UK. I'm getting more and more pissed off with people (Walter Mittys) trying to make out their something their not, safe their comfy home and local pub,:mad: when good people in the forces are doing the real thing in a difficult and uncomfortable situation.

Has this Site got a walter Mitty thread or page.

hi mate, welcome to the site, we havent got a walt thread but we did have a
resedent walt until he was band for stealing bandwidth from someone elses site.

did you know i was the second and third man on the balconey, i invented the
SA80, I took port stanley by myself and i cant tell you the rest as it's secret.

WALTS :mad::mad::mad:
Welcome to MI.Net mate .
If you would like me to start a dedicated thread titled appropriately to cover this important subject let me know.

Droney is a liar, I was the 2nd third man on the balcony. (Y)
Hi Froggunner, welcome to the site.

The other two are only moaning because I was the first man.

I can prove Silky's telling porkies, the raid on the Embassy to place on the 5 may 1980,
on the salutations thread silky tels me he's 21, so that means he was 2 when the raid took place,
and anyone knows you cant do selection untill your 5 at least.solaf
Welcome to the site, brother. I can vouch for Droney, Bomber & John..I taught 'em everything I know. Did you know we trained SAS..we being US Rangers, Spec Forces, Seals, Marine Recon..and did you know I was an original member of all the above? I could tell you I was also in Delta Force but that's secret. solaf
Anyway, welcome to the site. FYI, what you call Walter Mittys we call (#%&)#*( wannabes.
Has this Site got a walter Mitty thread or page.

Looks like we have now brother.

Last night I was out on the piss and bumped into a guy who is shall we say a friend of a friend. I know he has done about three years in the Infantry (cant remember what regiment he said).

He looked a bit down so I says "whats up mucker" and he begins to tell me that he was feeling bad because an oppo of his died in his arms in Northern Ireland. I asked him (as one should) what was his name and he says I cant remember. I said YOU CANT f***ing REMEMBER!!!!! your talking Bo*****S mate....... anyways to cut a long story short he eventually admits (due to my excellent interrogation skills) that he was lying.

He couldn't explain to me why he would do such a thing so I says YOU SIR ARE A FECKIN WALT and I walked away before I did something silly.

The strange thing is this he did some service but felt the need to tell a lie like that, I dont get it somebody help me understand the purpose of this pricks lies.

Anyway got a really bad head today and getting no sympathy off the wife so gonna go and crawl into a hole for a few hours.

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Walt for sure no BDP Flash!
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Hi Froggunner, welcome to the site.

The other two are only moaning because I was the first man.


These guys are only here to tell you this because I designed that balcony specifically to accomodate the assault team, because I knew it would be needed given my powers of precognition. All of this is 100% true without requiring any actual evidence to back it up.