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Funny Headlines....say What?

Discussion in 'All Non Military Discussion' started by Drone_pilot, May 9, 2004.

  1. Drone_pilot United Kingdom

    Drone_pilot Mi General MI.Net Member

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    Some 40% of female gas station employees in Metro Detroit are women,
    up from almost none a year ago.
    -- Detroit News article

    Marijuana Issue Sent To A Joint Committee
    -- Toronto Star headline

    Publicize your business absolutely free! Send $6.
    -- Entrepreneur Magazine ad

    Gators To Face Seminoles With Peters Out
    -- The Tallahassee Bugle

    Messiah Climaxes In Chorus Of Hallelujahs
    -- The Anchorage, Alaska Times

    Married Priests In Catholic Church A Long Time Coming
    -- The New Haven, Connecticut Register

    Governor Chiles Offers Rare Opportunity To Goose Hunters
    -- The Tallahassee Democrat

    Would She Climb To The Top Of Mr. Everest Again? Absolutely!
    -- The Houston Chronicle

    Governor's Penis Busy [should be "Pen Is"]
    -- The New Haven, Connecticut Register

    Thanks To President Clinton, Staff Sgt. Fruer Now Has A Son
    -- The Arkansas Plainsman

    Clinton Places Dickey In Gore's Hands
    -- Bangor Maine News

    Starr Aghast At First Lady Sex Position
    -- The Washington Times

    Clinton Stiff On Withdrawal
    -- The Bosnia Bugle

    Long Island Stiffens For Lili's Blow
    -- Newsday

    Organ Festival Ends In Smashing Climax
    -- San Antonio Rose

    Petroleum Jelly Keeps Idle Tools Rust-free
    -- Chicago Daily News

    Textron Inc. Makes Offer To Screw Company Stockholders
    -- The Miami Herald
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  2. Bombardier

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