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Mar 21, 2023
This is a thread to present my hobby: building wooden models of airplanes and military vehicles at the scale of 4 inch characters.
First, here is a MiG-15 that is under construction :

More pictures will follow.
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The MiG has not yet received its camouflage, and I am still hesitating on which one to choose. :)
If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to suggestions, as long as it's a cool Fagot camo.
In addition, I must form the cockpit in plexiglass on a wooden frame, it is a complicated step.
I'm glad you all like it. It makes me happy ! I will take pictures of my other wooden airplanes soon to show you. :D
This is the first plane I built for the 4 inch character in the 2010s. At first, it was based on the Cobra Rattler GI Joe but after many battles against the XP-14F Skystriker, it had to go back to the factory for a "mid-life" revision and a "deep modernization". So here it is now :
Anyway, it's a kid's job so please bear with me ! ;)
It doesn't look too bad. Maybe use a different adhesive to attach the canopy and "sharpen" the edges. I'm looking forward to more pics !
The canopy of the A-25A/Su-10K "Frogbolt" can be opened. On the MiG-15 I am making, the cockpit will open realistically in two parts. It is a very long and difficult job because I want the finished work to be perfect !
In the future, I dream of building a MiG-29 "Fulcrum".
Every time I see a fighter plane, my first reaction is : "How can I build it for action man ?"
I've made plans for a lot of planes that I like (F-5E, MiG-21PFM/MF, F-100...), but it's very long to build, so everything in its time and I concentrate on the "Fagot".
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And this is my Junkers W.33, it's not an exact model. I made it 3/4 years ago. One of these days, it will return to the workshop to undergo a "Mid-Life-Uprgade" : a new livery, and improved armament, maybe folding wings. I would like to make it a maritime patrol aircraft in the style of the TBM-3W.
Well, I'll see when I have the time.
I have a project in a far future for an aircraft carrier at the 4inch figure scale. In the style of the British Centaur class, the Canadian Bonaventure and others. Probably with an F9F Panther/Cougar Air Wing, or F2H Banshee. Maybe A-4 Skyhawks, like the Melbourne. In any case also helicopters. Anyway, I'm thinking.
Here is a drawing to get an idea :
hmcs-bonaventure-cvl-22-1958-light-carrier - Copie.png


I'm thinking of making some 3d plans.
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I made this spaceplane when I was 14. It was inspired by Marooned's XRV and also X-24. I built it, but never painted it. I found it again recently and may paint it.

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