Photos Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, The Venerable "Scooter"

Douglas A-4C Skyhawk, circa 1960

This happened aboard USS America. It was a squadron pilot, VA 36, Ted "Bear" Langworthy, that took the photo. The A4C Skyhawk was piloted by USN Lt (jg ) Karl "Butch" Leuffen a member of VA-36 Roadrunners A-4C Skyhawk BuNo 147828, AE-513.

This A4 was on the USS America during its 2nd (of 21) deployment that went from (1/10-9/20/1967) in Mediterranean. The pilot had lost brakes coming out of the wires and didn't drop tail hook to signal the loss amd never shut down engines causing this incident. Numerous flight deck personnel attempted to stop it unsuccessfully & it went over the bow & it was caught in the net. The wing tanks caught in the safety nets and the nets held the weight of the plane.
A rare pic !
Australian Navy A-4F (888) on HMS Eagle during cross-deck (1971)
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She's an A4-G from 805 Squadron. Crashed over side of HMAS Melbourne after arrestor wire broke/parted during landing 90Km east of Jervis Bay, NSW.
LCDR K. Finan, USN, ejected and rescued unhurt by the SAR Wessex & returned onboard HMAS Melbourne. 23/05/79
An A4D-2 Skyhawk from Attack Squadron VA-83 "Rampagers" Air Task Group [ATG] 201 lost its right main landing gear wheel and tire on landing aboard USS Essex (CVA-9) and crashed into the barrier, circa December 1957–January 1958.
I have always thought that a fully loaded A4 Skyhawk like those pictured was a mighty and impressive beast for such a small tactical jet!!
Get pic, thanks for posting for us!! (Y) 😍
Operation Southern Seas – 2024 / Brazilian Naval Aviation's A-4 Skyhawk carries out aerial operations in coordination with the US Navy (USN) / USS “George Washington”.



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