On this day 9 August Vietnam


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Feb 29, 2004
1974 Nixon resigns

Richard M. Nixon resigns as President of the United States and is succeeded by Vice President Gerald R. Ford. Nixon had resigned rather than face almost certain impeachment because of the Watergate scandal, in which he was charged with misuse of presidential powers to violate the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, obstruction of justice, and failure to respond to House Judiciary Committee subpoenas. The departure of Nixon would prove to be a fatal blow to the South Vietnamese, who always believed that the American president would be there to make good his promises to support them in their continuing post-ceasefire war against the North Vietnamese.

1967 Marines launch Operation Cochise

First Marine Division launches Operation Cochise in the Que Son valley. Meanwhile, the First Cavalry Division continued with Operation Pershing, a major clearing operation in the Binh Dinh province designed to improve the security situation in support of the ongoing pacification effort.

1968 Lowest U.S. death toll in almost a year

Ninety-six Americans are reported killed for the previous week. This was the lowest weekly U.S. death toll since August 12, 1967.

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