war & conflict

  1. Spartan

    Politics 9/11 War Authorization (Rand Paul Senate Debate)

    I think Rand Paul might be the real deal. I’m usually skeptical about politicians, but he and his father seem like the real deal.
  2. Kadir93

    Photos Conflict in Yemen (2015-present)

    Images related with Yemeni conflict from 2015 to present, photos from all sides are welcomed. "Taiz / Yemen - Jan 13 2019: A soldier fighting in the battles of southern Yemen" Saudi trooper with M60 machine gun in Saudi-Yemeni frontier. A knocked out Saudi Land Forces M1A2S Abrams MBT...
  3. M

    Warfare Israel vs Syria/Russia,Iran/Hizbulla conflict/war

    havnt seen any post related to the ongoing syrian war and how different players effecting this sh!t show
  4. bdpopeye

    Photos Wars In Iraq & Syria

    I have a few photos mostly from Reuters on the Wars in Iraq and Syria.