1. Herber-Percy Reginald Josceline

    Herber-Percy Reginald Josceline

    Served with the 4th Rifle Brigade. Memorial located in St Luke's Church, Hodnet, Shropshire
  2. AWC G2 bullpup

    AWC G2 bullpup

  3. KK MPi Mod 69

    KK MPi Mod 69

    .22LR Training version of the AK47
  4. Afanasiev TKB-011 Assault Rifle

    Afanasiev TKB-011 Assault Rifle

  5. H&K G11

    H&K G11

  6. Salvo Rifle

    Salvo Rifle

  7. T2 MK5

    T2 MK5

  8. FARA 83

    FARA 83

  9. G1 FAL

    G1 FAL

    Temporarily issued to the Bundeswher prior to the H&K G3
  10. Kar98 Alloy

    Kar98 Alloy

    Made at the end half of WW2 when the third reich were low on raw materials and funds. I bet this example has a near disposable service life. Swerve firing this one!.
  11. Valmet M62 (Old Spec)

    Valmet M62 (Old Spec)

  12. TKB-408 Bullpup Assault Rifle

    TKB-408 Bullpup Assault Rifle

  13. TKB-022P Assault Rifle

    TKB-022P Assault Rifle

  14. Pribor-3B Assault Rifle

    Pribor-3B Assault Rifle

  15. Pauza P50

    Pauza P50

  16. Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Mikhail Kalashnikov holding the AK46?, The AK47 Prototype.
  17. SASR Biatch gun

    SASR Biatch gun

  18. Baryshev AVB-762

    Baryshev AVB-762

  19. Sturmgewehr 45

    Sturmgewehr 45

  20. Sturmgewehr 45

    Sturmgewehr 45