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    GMW Prime Portal

    I like this site a lot. Well worth a mention. Welcome to Prime Portal! This site is constantly evolving, and as time permits new features will be added to the site. New content will be added most days. Enjoy your visit and check back often! Prime Portal may not be the most band-width...
  2. NebrHogger

    GMW Cleaning Up After Ww2 Site

    I looked around & didn't see this has already been mentioned here. It's an extensive site with a ton of pics I've never seen before. SW
  3. saiga

    GMW Usgs

    Not exactly military but very interesting. Earthshots mapping enviromental changes.

    GMW Malta :war Diary

    A good Wordpress site about the Seige of Malta with many blow by blow tales of actions and heroism. A must read.
  5. saiga

    GMW Digitised Newspapers Wow. Just. Wow. From A to Z from all of Australia. For example:
  6. John A Silkstone

    GMW Not Forgotten Association

    Never heard of this site before
  7. 28th61st

    GMW Irish Soldiers Wills It shows the original Will of the soldier (No Fee)
  8. 28th61st

    GMW H.m.s. Bayano

    List of the crew names who were lost.
  9. 28th61st

    GMW Tower of London Poppy Roll of Honour
  10. 28th61st

    GMW H.M.S. COPRA (Combined Operations Command)
  11. Bombardier

    GMW Camp X Canada

    Camp X was the unofficial name of a Second World War paramilitary and commando training installation, on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario between Whitby and Oshawa in Ontario, Canada. visit the Official Website
  12. 28th61st

    GMW RAF Bomber Command

    List those who were killed, excellent site.
  13. 28th61st

    GMW Officers of World War II It covers all countries that were involved in the war. Good hunting.
  14. 28th61st

    GMW New site for Australian Military Records
  15. 28th61st

    GMW New Zealand WW1 Army Records for viewing

    Chance find. Not sure how many records are available to view. They were made public on the 1st September 2014
  16. T

    GMW Lancashire Fusiliers web site

    Over one million hits on this interesting web site. There are over 12,000 pics of Lancashire Fusiliers.
  17. A

    GMW The first Defense Web TV Army Recognition

    Hello, The new Defense Web TV of Army Recognition online defense magazine More video at this link Alain
  18. 28th61st

    GMW Died on active service in cyprus april 1, 1955 - december 24, 1959 New link
  19. Matzos

    GMW Various World War Two books from the Internet Archive website

    Save listing each one in its own thread, I have put together a number of interesting WWII books found on the Internet Archive website. These are mainly US military articles. British Commandos. British Military Terminology...
  20. airborne

    GMW Palace Barracks Memorial Garden.