military model box art

  1. Milan Mynar

    Photos T-80BV Zvezda 1/35

    This is my new project. The model is originally from the Dragon company, packed in a box from the Zvezda company. With all the pros and cons. The pros are relatively few parts, the lack of a drive wheel needs to be extended.
  2. Connaught Ranger

    Photos T. 34-85 late Winter, early Spring 1945, 1/16 Scale.

    Living in Transylvania, Romania, its been about 20 years since I built a model kit, but, I got interested in a magazine buy it by a part a week 1:16 model of a T. 34-85, the kit was mainly metal, screw together but, I decided not to start the build until I had all the pieces which took over the...
  3. Milan Mynar

    Photos Russo-Balt CSM 1/35

    Today, I start a new project. Russo Balt, a model of an armored car from the First World War. Made by CSM in 1/35 scale. The parts of the model look beautiful in the box.
  4. Milan Mynar

    Photos 75mm Schneider Mle 1897/38 IBG Models 1/35

    My new project, French gun Schneider Mle 1897/38 in version for motorised units. Once upon a time, the only one model of this cannon was an RPM product. I presnted it here with Lorraine 37L. The IBG Models came up with a new kit. Their kit is more detailed and contains a small sheet of...
  5. Milan Mynar

    Photos 40M Nimród

    Here you are some photos of my model of the Hungarian AFV.
  6. tomthounaojam

    Other Post Modelling Tips and Tricks plus modeling news.

    Hi Guys, This thread is for modeling related questions, from building to weathering to new kits in town ask/share all about it here. I am not an expert, just that I like making modeling in my free times and being in a country which is not very accessible to modeling stuff, sometimes I have to...
  7. Pretorian

    Photos Military Model - Box Art

    Some Box Art from military model Kits :) 3.7cm PaK 35-36 auf Sd.Kfz.10 Steyr - Mittleren Panzerwageb M-35 Steyr ADGZ - Mittleren Panzerwageb M-35
  8. Scorpion CVRT

    Scorpion CVRT

  9. BMW R12 Motorcycle with Sidecar and Crew

    BMW R12 Motorcycle with Sidecar and Crew

  10. Military art

    Military art

  11. Military art

    Military art

  12. Military art

    Military art