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  1. Kadir93

    Photos F-15 Eagle paradise

    Anything related with F-15 Eagle combat aircraft.
  2. tomthounaojam

    Photos Hasegawa F-15J Eagle `305SQ 40th Anniversary' special markings 1/72

    Hello Guys, The kit is a generic Hasegawa kit, which is no problem in the building except for some minor parts which require little filling and sanding. But what strikes me or what is conspicuous is the marking when I saw this aircraft 2 years ago I wish someone did it and Hasegawa came out...
  3. tomthounaojam

    Photos f-15 Dj 82-8093 Dazzle camo 1/72

    Hi Guys, My latest work F-15DJ 82-8093 made from Hasegawa kit and spent more time masking than building. Cheers
  4. tomthounaojam

    Photos F-15DJ JASDF 1/72 52-8088

    Hi Folks, This is an old F-15DJ from Hasegawa 1/72 which was partially broken by my father new years ago and kept in the box for later restoration, a couple of weeks while searching for some aircraft parts found the aircraft and decided, well am gonna restored it and might well as apply a new...
  5. Heat.jpeg


    Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, 2008
  6. F15-Sep.jpeg


    Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, 2008
  7. F15-2.jpeg


    Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, 2008
  8. F15.jpeg


    Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, 2008
  9. F15.jpeg


    Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
  10. Eagle Driver.jpeg

    Eagle Driver.jpeg

    A McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing F-15 “Eagle” taxiing for launch, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, 2008.
  11. F15.jpeg


    McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing F-15 ‘Eagle’, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.
  12. Eagles, Vipers and...A Fat Guy.jpeg

    Eagles, Vipers and...A Fat Guy.jpeg

    The USMC C-130 “Fat Albert”, support aircraft for the USNavy Aerial Demonstration Team, The Blue Angels, at the 2008 airshow at Grand Junction, Colorrado, USA.
  13. AAR Galileo

    Video F-15 chasiing a stolen Dash-8 at Seattle

    Audio with the tower and ATC
  14. MUC-Spotter

    Video 70th Anniversary USAF Flypast F-15 F-16 KC-135 C-130

  15. MUC-Spotter

    Video 2 F-16C, 2 F-15C and one F-15E USAF landing at RAF Fairford

  16. MUC-Spotter

    Video Boeing F-15e Strike Eagle Usaf Europe Departure At Raf Fairford

  17. F-4s,F-5s,F-16s and F-15s deploying flares

    F-4s,F-5s,F-16s and F-15s deploying flares

    F-15s,F-16s,F-4s,F-5s of Republic of Korea ( South Korea ) Air Force deploying flares during the Exercise Soaring Eagle 2016. For more
  18. Boeing F15E Eagle Cutaway

    Boeing F15E Eagle Cutaway

  19. F-15E-Strike-Eagle-refuel


    A KC-135 Stratotanker refuels an F-15E Strike Eagle over the northern Mediterranean Sea, Nov. 12, 2015. The Stratotanker is assigned to the 100th Air Refueling Wing and the Strike Eagle is assigned to the 48th Fighter Wing. Both wings will work together supporting Operation Inherent Resolve...
  20. F-15 from SEEK EAGLE

    F-15 from SEEK EAGLE

    An image of an F-15 from SEEK EAGLE's 3D scanner currently in use at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. (Courtesy photo)