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  1. Unknowncommando

    Photos PK/PKM & it's derivatives around the world

    Thread dedicated to PK/PKM General Purpose Machine Gun. All inclusive thread so post all kinds of variants, clones, licensed products & copies.
  2. WW2 Soviet images

    WW2 Soviet images

  3. 0000.m15.jpg


    Russian machine gun in lend lease jeep.
  4. JimHPTN

    Photos WW1 era Heavy Machine Guns

    I took these photos at the Virginia Military Museum on a trip to Newport News back in 2004. Schwarzlose Hotchkiss Mle 1914 Saint Etienne Mle 1907 Spandau Maxim MG08 Colt M1895 "Potato Digger"
  5. soldiers


  6. German machine gun crew WW1

    German machine gun crew WW1

    German WW1 machine gun crew firing from a trench on the Eastern Front. 1914-15.
  7. M240 on the range

    M240 on the range

    M240 on the machine gun range during qualification.
  8. SIG MG710-3

    SIG MG710-3

  9. Nordenfelt gun

    Nordenfelt gun

  10. Nordenfelt gun

    Nordenfelt gun

  11. Nordenfelt Gun

    Nordenfelt Gun

  12. Nordenfelt gun

    Nordenfelt gun

  13. Salvo Fire Machine Gun

    Salvo Fire Machine Gun

    A 'What if' substitute for a Minigun. Its basically a GPMG with either 3/4 barrels and sprays continuous bursts of .458 calibre rounds. Man portable variants would have 3 barrels. If possible, It would be ideal for those serving in Iraq/Afghanistan!
  14. M.07 Machine Gun

    M.07 Machine Gun

  15. Schwarzlose M.07 parts diagram

    Schwarzlose M.07 parts diagram

  16. Schwarzlose M.07

    Schwarzlose M.07

  17. Kulspruta m/1914(Schwarzlose m.07)

    Kulspruta m/1914(Schwarzlose m.07)

  18. Ultra-ShKAS Machine Gun

    Ultra-ShKAS Machine Gun

    This Soviet 7.62mm Machine gun fired up to 2,700 RPM
  19. SN Machine gun

    SN Machine gun

    This Soviet 7.62mm Machine gun fired beyond 3,600RPM. It was gas operated with the barrel and bolt moving in opposite directions to increase the rate of fire.
  20. Bira Gun

    Bira Gun

    Designed and built in Nepal, It was a hand-cranked machine gun and fired rounds used in the Martini-Henry rifles.