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  1. vmqxdv

    Photos Italian special forces - thread

    I've decide to move the original post here. As the title say, post here photos of any Italian special force.
  2. vmqxdv

    Question? Badass italian soldies photos (high resolution if possible)

    As the title say I'm looking for the most badass images of italian soldiers ever made (better if alone like in the example). I'll attach some examples of others units.
  3. WW2 scenes

    WW2 scenes

    Italian Bersaglierie in Russia
  4. Interwar equipment

    Interwar equipment

    Italian infantry fighting in Abyssinia
  5. Benamint

    Intro Hello All!

    Hey everyone my name is Ben and I am obviously new here. Decided to make an account due to my hobbies being model war gaming, airsoft, and military history. Right now I am trying to put together a modern Italian Army and Bersaglieri kit for milsim airsoft. I saw plenty of pictures here and hoped...
  6. Felice SUBRIZIO

    Felice SUBRIZIO

  7. Tommaso SANTORO

    Tommaso SANTORO

  8. Aldo SANTI

    Aldo SANTI

  9. Leopoldo SANTARPIA

    Leopoldo SANTARPIA

  10. Luigi RIGON

    Luigi RIGON

  11. Giuseppe PALERMO

    Giuseppe PALERMO

  12. Francesco NIGRO

    Francesco NIGRO

  13. Bruno MONARDO

    Bruno MONARDO

  14. Alterigi GIACOMI

    Alterigi GIACOMI

  15. Silvio GAROFALO

    Silvio GAROFALO

  16. Gaetano GAGLIARDI

    Gaetano GAGLIARDI

  17. Nicola CABUCCI

    Nicola CABUCCI

  18. Rocco Rosario FABRIZIO

    Rocco Rosario FABRIZIO

  19. Rinando DI PAOLO

    Rinando DI PAOLO

  20. Giovanni DE MICHELI

    Giovanni DE MICHELI