falklands war

  1. Falklands Menorial

    Falklands Menorial

    An Argentine Menorial Cross on the Falklands.
  2. Falklands Monument

    Falklands Monument

    A picture of the Argentine Cemetary on the Falklands. I know that they fought for the overside. However, they were just doing their job like our lads did.
  3. Falklands Monument

    Falklands Monument

    A monument to 3 Para at Goose Green on the Falkland Islands
  4. Falklands Sea Harriers

    Falklands Sea Harriers

    Sea Harriers landing on deck, during their trip to the Falklands in 1982
  5. Falkland Harriers

    Falkland Harriers

    RAF Harriers on there way to the Falklands in 1982
  6. Polar

    Photos Hms Fearless And Mirage Iii E

    My favorit pic from Falkland's War This pic is protected by © Crown Copyright
  7. Sgt J McKay

    Sgt J McKay

    A black and white photo of Sgt J Mckay of the Parachute Regiment killed in action during the falklands war
  8. Col H Jones

    Col H Jones

    Black and white photo of Lieutenant Colonel H Jones, killed in action during the Falklands war 28th May 1982
  9. HMS Sheffield

    HMS Sheffield

    HMS Sheffield durring Falklands War Photo from http://www.navyphotos.co.uk/
  10. Surrender of South Georgia

    Surrender of South Georgia

    The surrender of south Georgia during the Falklands war was signed in the wardroom of HMS Plymouth by Lt commander Astiz of the Argentinian Navy witnessed by Captain David Pentreath (right) Captain Nick Barker of HMS Endurance and members of HMS Plymouth ships company. Monday 26 April 1982
  11. Atlantic Conveyor

    Atlantic Conveyor

  12. Troops come Home

    Troops come Home

    Troops returning to England after serving in the Falklands conflict are welcomed by the British Public.