1. The Korean War 1950-53

    The Korean War 1950-53

  2. 291 Army Troops Company Royal Engineers 1941

    291 Army Troops Company Royal Engineers 1941

  3. William Clare BAYLEY  MM

    William Clare BAYLEY MM

  4. Benfield, Harry

    Benfield, Harry

    Sapper 387396, Harry BENFIELD, Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers died 20th February 1919 aged 26. He was the son of George and Catherine of Victoria Road, Coleford, Gloucestershire Buried in Coleford Cemetery, Gloucestershire
  5. BIRKS, Reginald

    BIRKS, Reginald

    Pioneer WR/210654, Reginald BIRKS, Royal Engineers died 14th February 1919 aged 20. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Peter Birks of Gate House, Oakamoor, Staffordshire Buried in Oakamoor Memorial Chapleyard, Staffordshire
  6. OLIVER, George

    OLIVER, George

    Buried in Clearwell church Cemetery, Gloucestershire 387203 Sergeant George OLIVER,,Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers Royal Engineers, who was killed by an explosion which blew part of his face away, at 11 Dec 1918 at the Training Field of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers Depot...
  7. BROWNE, Hedley Goldsmith

    BROWNE, Hedley Goldsmith

    Buried in Chesterton Cemetery, Cirencester, Gloucestershire Second Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, formerly (Motor Cyclist Despatch Rider) Royal Engineers Who was suddenly summoned to "High Service" whilst doing a solo Flight near Cirencester 8th April 1918 aged 29. Son of John...
  8. TINGLE, Evelyn Arthur

    TINGLE, Evelyn Arthur

    Sapper 236538,Evelyn Arthur TINGLE, 354th Engineering and Mining Coy, Royal Engineers, died in France from Military Service, 1 March 1918, 24 He was the son of Alfred Alam and Rose Agnes of Cinderford, Gloucestershire. He is commemorated on a family memorial at St John the Evangelist...
  9. Parker Albert

    Parker Albert

    Buried at Scropton churchyard extension, Derbyshire
  10. Orridge Francis Arthur

    Orridge Francis Arthur

    Orridge Francis Arthur Sergeant 168581, Longmore Railway Troop Depot, Royal Engineers died 27th August 1917 aged 47. Formerly S/13653, Rifle Brigade. Enlisted at Colaba, India. Son of Arthur & Lavina of North Kensington, London. Buried in St Alban churchyard, Forest Town, Nottinghamshire. He...
  11. WOOD Arthur

    WOOD Arthur

  12. MILSOM Albert Charles

    MILSOM Albert Charles

    Sapper 158491, Royal Engineers died 5th November 1919 aged 27. Husband of Rebecca of 98, Carter Lane, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Buried at Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
  13. LEA Fred

    LEA Fred

    Sapper 480790, J.Depot Coy,Royal Engineers died 23rd May 1919 aged 35. Husband of Mabel of 12, Southwell Road, Rainworth, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Buried at Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
  14. CONNOLLY Alexander

    CONNOLLY Alexander

    Sapper 116663, Royal Engineers died 15th January 1918 aged 63, husband of Mary Ann of 48 Bradder Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. They were married 8th July 1886 and had a son called Henry. and in 1869, they were living at 42, Union Street, Mansfield Buried at Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield...
  15. COLEMAN Horace

    COLEMAN Horace

    Sapper 112940,3rd Privisional Battalion, Royal Engineers died 2nd June 1917 aged 28 Buried at Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield Nottinghamshire
  16. Hart James Cleaton

    Hart James Cleaton

    Sapper 675, 4/1st North Midland Field Coy, Royal Engineers died in england 18th December 1916 aged 34. Son of James Cleaton and Charlotte of 21 Queen Street, Chesterfield and brother of Leading Seaman 230890 Frederick Noel Cleaton lost with H.M.S. Monmouth 1st November 1914 aged 26. He is...
  17. Engineers at Ex Jpi 2006 - Finnish Army

    Engineers at Ex Jpi 2006 - Finnish Army

    Engineers Perttu Ollila and Jesse Kinnunen at Ex Jpi 2006.
  18. Take down

    Take down

    A U.S. armored D7 bulldozer takes down an insurgent hideout near Bayji, Iraq.
  19. Riding shotgun

    Riding shotgun

    A U.S. soldier provides security as a 40-ton crane slowly winds its way through tight streets in downtown Tall 'Afar, Iraq.
  20. Combat dump truck in Iraq

    Combat dump truck in Iraq

    Sporting an armored cab and a turret-mounted M2 .50 caliber machine gun, this unique dump truck prepares to haul gravel through the streets of Tikrit, Iraq.